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John O | October 2018

Porsche engineers new, fast-charging electric pit stop to make electromobility cost-effective

By Josh Perry, Editor


Porsche Engineering recently announced a new concept that it believes will enhance the cost-effectiveness of electromobility. The electric pit stop is a system composed of modular building blocks that accounts for the available electricity grid, visitor frequency and space constraints.


Porsche Engineering designed a new electric pit stop for charging electric vehicles.
(Porsche Engineering)


In a press release, Porsche explained that the concept is an enhancement of current electric vehicle charging stations, which have all the components, from transformer to power electronics to thermal management, in a single cabinet. Rather than an expensive outlay for a single charging station, the electric pit stop is a charging park with lower operating costs.


“The innovative charging park system designed by Porsche Engineering also provides the capability to charge the batteries of multiple electric cars at the same time,” the company explained. “Thanks to 800- volt technology, batteries can store enough energy for roughly 400 kilometers of range in just 20 minutes. Enough time for a coffee break at the rest stop or a few errands in the supermarket or shopping area.”


The system consists of standardized FlexBoxes (120 by 120 by 130 cm) that puts all the necessary components into a standard rack positioned away from the charging stations. This provides flexibility and allows designers to utilize the given space in a way that facilitates the experience for customers.


“One technical advantage for medium-sized to large charging parks is that a connection to the medium- voltage grid (up to 36 kilovolts of alternating current) exists,” Porsche said. “A transformer then converts this medium voltage into low voltage (local grid level). On the secondary side of the transformer, the same lower AC supply is always available irrespective of the location.”


Low-voltage A/C current is converted to D/C in a PowerBox, which includes two sets of power electronics and supplies two charging points. Silicon carbide (SiC) modules are used to lower conduction and switching losses.


A CoolingBox has also been designed to provide liquid cooling for the charging poles and the power electronics.


According to Porsche, “Every CoolingBox can accommodate two cooling units, each of which provides reliable cooling for multiple charging points under all operating conditions. On the exterior, a CoolingBox differs from the other FlexBoxes of the charging park system with its ventilation fins for intake and exhaust air. The CoolingBox is optimally positioned at some distance from the charging stations. This ensures that the unavoidable noises associated with cooling are kept far from customers’ ears.”


Read more about this new charging solution at https://newsroom.porsche.com/en/technology/porsche-e-mobility-fast-charging-modular-building-blocks-system-electricity-grid-visitor-frequency-space-constraints-power-electronics-cooling-unit-pit-stop-missione-taycan-engineering-2018-1-15796.html.

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