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October 2006

Heat Sink Cools Low-Power 25mm x25mm Processors

the ats-ex84 “pelican”, part of the “alaska” line of heat sink and attachment solutions for freescale applications, features a spread-angled field of thin aluminum fins that minimizes air flow stagnation and egress. this results in improved cooling performance over straight and folded fin heat sinks. the ex84 sink provides thermal resistance of just 2.30c/w in airflow of 500 lfm, as tested with a freescale mpc 75x microcontroller.

the ats-ex84 heat sink is securely mounted to a 25mm x 25mm processor using the ats maxigrip™ attachment system. in this design, a plastic frame-clip is secured tightly around the component’s perimeter. the heat sink is anchored firmly in place on the component with a stainless steel spring-clip that runs through the fins and locks onto the frame.

the low profile frame-clip and the small cross-section spring-clip permit maximum airflow through the ex84 fin field. the maxigrip™ system allows the ex84 heat sink to be mounted without putting holes in the board, and speeds removal of the sink from the component.

the ex84 heat sink’s installed height is 15.2 mm from the board to top of the fins, when used on a freescale mpc 75x component. fin length is 24.5 mm and the fin field is 46.5 mm wide. the ex84 heat sink is provided standard with a thermal interface material to enhance heat flow at the sink-component interface. pricing for the ex84 heat sinks, including the maxigrip attachment hardware start at $ 8.19 each in production volume quantities.

ats’ maxigrip™ heat sink and attachment assemblies have been certified by national technical systems (nts) to meet telcordia gr-63-core office vibration; etsi 300 019 transportation vibration; and mil-std-810 shock testing and unpackaged drop testing standards.

more information on the ats-ex84 “pelican” and the “alaska” line of heat sink solutions for freescale applications is available on the advanced thermal solutions website, www.qats.com, or by calling 1-781-769-2800.

about advanced thermal solutions, inc.

advanced thermal solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ats provides a wide range of heat sinks and laboratory-quality thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training. for more information about advanced thermal solutions, inc., please visit www.qats.com or call 781-769-2800.

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