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April 2013

Thermal Engineering Associates Lowers The Cost Of Thermal Testing

santa clara, calif., april, 2013  -- thermal engineering associates, inc. (tea) announces the availability of a new family of thermal interface material (tim) characterization tools that offer flexibility, standardization, and low cost. the tools are comprised of the popular tea thermal test chip (ttc) in sizes ranging from 2.5mm square to 12.8mm square mounted on a variety of popular packages including bga, qfn, and dip.  this range of chip sizes and package types is designed to make the evaluation of tim materials easier and less costly.

  • the ttv-1100/1200 series are mounted on a 27x27mm bga package with 1mm pitch and 0.6mm diameter balls.  the chip sizes range from 2.5mm square to 12.8mm square.
  • the ttv-1800 is a 12.8mm square ttc mounted on an 18mm bga package with 0.5mm pitch and 0.3mm diameter balls.
  • the ttv-1500 series is comprised of a 5mm square ttc in either flip chip or wire bond configuration mounted on a 12.8mm square bga package with 0.8mm pitch and 0.6mm diameter balls.
  • the ttv-3000 series is comprised of a range of chip sizes from 2.5mm square to 7.65mm square mounted in open cavity, direct-attach pad qfn packages ranging in size from 6mm square to 12mm square.
  • the ttv-3100 series is comprised of 2.5mm square and 5mm square ttc mounted on 24-pin ceramic side-braze dips with removable lids.

ttvs can also be used to simulate heat sources for validation of thermal simulation, quantification of thermal management performance, and the establishment of temperature-controlled platforms for various measurement purposes.

contact tea to explore which of these many thermal test vehicle products will meet the tim test and evaluation needs of your company.

about thermal engineering associates:

tea and its president, bernie siegal , have been providing thermal test and measurement hardware, software, and consulting services since 1973.  siegal has been chairman of the jedec jc15 committee and is the principle author of many milstd 750 thermal test methods.  all major semiconductor companies, packaging companies, and many system level oems have utilized tea products and/or services during its long history.  siegal is a founding member of ieee semi-therm, has delivered numerous papers and articles on thermal testing, and is frequently sought out as a lecturer and expert in the field.  for more information on products and services, go to www.thermengr.com.

source thermal engineering associates, inc.

related links:  http://www.thermengr.com

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