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May 2013

Mikros Highlights Patented Normal Flow Cold Plates

mikros offers liquid-cooled heat sinks for applications requiring high heat flux cooling and ultra-low thermal resistance. a key differentiator for the mikros cold plate is their patented normal flow technology. normal flow cold plates (ncp™) can cool devices dissipating as much as 1,000 w/cm ² with a cold plate surface temperature increase of only 20 ° c and a pressure drop of less than 20 kpa (3 psi). this technology has been applied to the cooling of:

  • power electronics (e.g. igbts)
  • high intensity led lamps
  • solid state lasers
  • concentrated photovoltaic receivers (cpv)
  • semiconductor test equipment
  • high power microprocessors
  • thermoelectrics

mikros' patented normal flow technology  utilizes a manifold that distributes and collects coolant over the entire active area. the coolant then flows in and out of the microchannel matrix in a direction perpendicular to the heat acquisition surface. the flow length through the matrix is very short (~1mm) and independent of the area of the active surface. hence the ncp pressure drop is very low and independent of cold plate size.

another advantage of normal flow technology is that fresh coolant is supplied to all areas of the cold plate. this means that for uniform heat input, the cold plate surface temperature is also uniform. this contrasts with parallel flow cold plates, in which the temperatures are highest near the exit port. conversely, if the heat input is not uniform, the local coolant flow can be tailored to mitigate “hot spots“.


for more information please see:

  • mikros cold plates
  • mikros manufacturing main site

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