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John O | June 2012

coolingZONE releases conference proceedings for 2011 thermal engineering summit; Ideal for engineering training

coolingzone, llc, has released the conference proceedings from the 11th international business & technology summit.  the proceedings consist of 10, streaming, on-demand, one hour long each videos of the speaker’s presentations from the conference.  the series may be streamed an unlimited number of times from coolingzone’s servers.

“we had a very well attended coolingzone 2011”, said john o’day, director of communications for coolingzone, “with ten industry expert speakers presenting the cutting edge of thermal engineering, it was an unparalleled opportunity for our visitors to learn what was new in thermal management.”

coolingzone’s  release of the proceedings let’s those who were unable to visit coolingzone 2011 hear some of the most respected experts in the industry.  the proceedings are also an excellent way for engineers to stay up to date with the most recent research in thermal management and heat transfer.

the proceedings include the following speaker’s and topics:

  • “thermal and energy management technologies for the next decade: challenges and opportunities” | presenter: suresh v. garimella, ph.d.
  • “challenges and innovations in avionics and military electronics thermal management” | presenter: jim wilson, ph.d.
  • “an overview of challenges in themal testing” | presenter:robert moffat, ph.d.
  • “challenges of thermal management and design of compact 3-d microsystems: an integrated system level approach with focus on discrete technologies” | presenter: ihab andre ali, ph.d.
  • “thermal design and management of high power leds” | presenternorbert engelberts
  • “the future of solid state lighting is bright but “why is it taking so long?” | presenter: victor zaderej, m.s.
  • design of liquid cooled heat sinks and cold plates: some fundamental concepts for transitioning from air cooled solutions | presenter: alfonso ortega, ph.d.
  • thermal engineering challenges at the device and microprocessor levels | presenter: mehdi asheghi, ph.d.
  • thermal design of telecommunications equipment: challenges and requirements | majid safavi
  • perspectives on electronics thermal management from academia to industry | kaveh azar

pricing is $595 for on-demand, unlimited streaming of the video conference proceedings. see more information and how to purchase the coolingzone 2011 video conference proceedings

coolingzone, llc is holding its 12th annual conference august 29-30, 2012 as the coolingzone-12 econference.  this year’s conference will feature many new industry experts, all live streamed.  to learn more click to:  coolingzone-12 thermal management and heat  transfer econference.

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