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Sharon Shepard | June 2005

Flomerics Incorporates Thermal Models of Sunon Fans on SmartParts3D Website

may 2005

flomerics has incorporated thermal models of sunon fans into its smartparts3d website. this means engineers using or considering sunon fans can streamline the thermal design process by downloading fan models and incorporating them into thermal simulations. this approach reduces modeling time and also increases accuracy because the smartparts3d model has the exact point-by-point values of the fan curve, eliminating the need to make rough estimates from a paper chart. “our customers have asked us to post thermal models on the smartparts3d website because they use the website extensively to save time during the thermal simulation process,” said eline roussel, marketing manager for sunon europe, fresnes, france. “now they can quickly evaluate their design with different models of our fans installed in order to optimize thermal performance much more quickly than was possible in the past.”

sunon joins alpha novatech, bergquist, brady, chomerics, comair rotron, delta, dow corning, ebm industries, etri, honeywell electronic materials, hs marston aerospace, jmc products, mechatronics fan group, micronel, nmb technologies, papst, philips semiconductors, thermagon, thermalworks, universal air filters, ys tech, and many others that have contributed data to the smartparts3d library, located at www.smartparts3d.com. the library is searchable by part family, description, manufacturer, model number, and performance criteria. models can be downloaded from the website and imported into flotherm, which has become the standard tool for design and optimization of cooling systems for electronics equipment with a user base twice that of all competitors combined.

sunon's maglev system incorporates vapo bearings, which use magnetic attraction to position the shaft without the need for physical contact with the housing, eliminating friction. sunon has launched a full range of maglev dc fans since 1999. thanks to the maglev technology, the maglev dc fan has low noise, withstands high temperatures, and has a long life span. many oems have adapted maglev systems in their products, resulting in sales of over 100 million pieces. from beginning of 2005, sunon has also applied the maglev system to ac fans. the new maglev ac fan consumes only about one-third as much power as a conventional ac fan and delivers twice the airflow while offering much lower noise and vibration. with more than 700 different models, sunon products are used in many of the world's most popular applications: personal computers; automobiles; home appliances; power supplies; telecommunications equipment and more. sunon is a global company headquartered in taiwan, with 5 regional subsidiaries, 70 distributors, and 1,000 sales representatives.

flotherm software from flomerics reduces the time and skill required to simulate complicated electronics cooling problems, because it is specially designed for electronic cooling applications. flotherm provides tools that allow users to assemble models from libraries, avoiding the need to create them from scratch. it provides an abundant supply of thermal model libraries for existing components. flotherm provides an environment that enables fast, automated design studies. automated gridding and distributed processing across networks streamlines the process of evaluating multiple iterations to optimize the design. in conjunction with other flomerics products, flotherm makes it possible to address other interrelated performance issues such as electromagnetic compatibility, reliability and stress in a concurrent fashion.

for further information, please contact:

mike reynell
director of marketing
flomerics group plc
81 bridge road
hampton court
surrey, kt8 9hh

tel: +44 (0)20 8487 3000
fax: +44 (0)20 8487 3001

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