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August 2017

ATS research-grade closed-loop wind tunnels designed for SSD characterization

the advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) clwt-115™ is a research quality closed loop wind tunnel that provides a convenient, accurate system for thermally characterizing pcbs and individual components at controlled temperatures from ambient to 85°c.


the clwt-115™ wind tunnel produces air flows up to 5 m/s (1000 ft/min). with customization, it can generate flows up to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min) using orifice plates (available optionally). the clear lexan test section lets the user view the test specimen and allows for flow visualization. unlike open loop wind tunnels, the clwt-115™ recirculates internal air.


this allows the system heater to quickly warm the air to a specific temperature.


the testing of boards and components in hot air is a requirement in some nebs and other standards. the precise controls and temperature range of the clwt-115™ wind tunnel allows its use for testing heat sink performance and for calibrating air and temperature sensors. the complete wind tunnel fits on most lab benches and is powered from the clwtc-1000™ (included). the clwtc-1000™requires 220 vac at 20 amps.


the wind tunnel’s test section can be accessed from the top door or sides for mounting and repositioning of boards, components and sensors. internal rail guides provide an easy mechanism to install test specimens of different sizes.


six instrument ports are provided in the side walls of the test section for placing temperature and velocity sensors such as thermocouples, pitot tubes and hotwire anemometers.


several applications for clwt-115™ wind tunnels are characterizing eboards, pcb, power supplies, cpu components (such as the new intel skylake processor or the amd epyc server processors), and semiconductors.


power supplies are critical components within a system and characterizing the board- and system-level power is important for the design process. pushing the temperature boundaries of a power supply in a wind tunnel give engineers data to develop more efficient power supplies in smaller footprints. this ultimately saves energy (and costs).


in addition, the clwt-115™ is perfect for characterizing solid-state disk drives, which are increasingly popular for data storage in a variety of applications, ranging from electric vehicles to cloud computing to handheld devices and more.


it is critical to characterize a solid-state disk drive because of the array of possible applications, each with a unique environment. testing in extreme temperatures during the development phase allows engineers to see how far they can push the drives for alt (accelerated life test) and get a better understanding of mtbf (mean time between failure).


testing with ats wind tunnels will also demonstrate to engineers what kind of thermal management solutions will be required to ensure proper temperature of the ssd and how that will apply to a particular system.


find more information about the ats clwt-115™ at https://www.qats.com/products/wind-tunnels/closed-loop-wind-tunnels/clwt-115 or contact ats at ats-hq@qats.com

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