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Heat Transfer Calculators


coolingZONE Library – where engineers and researchers go to see the latest and archived developments in thermal management.

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Library  »  PAPERS  »  Theoretical/General

Multilayer circuitry on metal substrates

 - goran matijasevic, ormet corporation, discusses explains how multi-layer circuitry on metal substrates is used for thermal management of electronics. Read more »

Disk drive reliability and thermal management

 - shams jawaid, quantum corporation, explains how thermal management preserves reliability in disk drives. Read more »

Why the traditional reliability prediction models do not work - is there an alternative?

 - michael pecht, calce electronic packaging research center, university of maryland, presents a historical overview of reliability predictions for electronics. Read more »

Single-sample uncertainty analysis

 - robert j. moffat, professor of mechanical engineering (emeritus), stanford university, explores single-sample uncertainty analysis and the mathematics used to determine those calculations. Read more »

Thermal resistance: an oxymoron?

 - clemens lasance, philips research laboratories, argues that thermal resistance is an oxymoron if the differences between thermal and electrical resistance are not understood. Read more »

Thermal resistance of interface materials as a function of pressure

 - carol a. latham, thermagon inc., explains that the thermal resistance of thermal interface materials is partially dependent on pressure. Read more »

Thermal conductivity of printed wiring boards

 - j.e. graebner, at&t bell laboratories, explores the thermal conductivity of printed wiring boards. Read more »

The thermal conductivity of silicon

 - the thermal conductivity of silicon varies widely in papers and handbooks and is partially dependent on the temperature of the material. Read more »

The thermal conductivity of gases

 - thermal interface under a plastic quad flat pack by m. okcay, smiths industries-aerospace. Read more »

The thermal conductivity of ceramics

 - clemens j.m. lasance, philips research laboratories, explores the thermal conductivity of ceramics. Read more »

The thermal conductivity of aluminum oxide

 - clemens j.m. lasance, philips research laboratories, describes the thermal conductivity of aluminum oxide. Read more »

The need for a change in thermal design philosophy

 - clemens j. m. lasance, philips research, argues that there is a need to change the philosophy of thermal design. Read more »

The history of power dissipation

 - kaveh azar, phd - lucent technologies delivers a history of power dissipation and a look at the development of moore's law. Read more »

The coefficient of thermal expansion - Part 1

 - clemens j. m. lasance, associate editor, philips research laboratories, explains the importance of the coefficient of thermal expansion. Read more »

Temperature of in-line array of electronic components simulated by rectangular blocks

 - majid molki, ph.d.and mohammad fraghri, ph.d. describe how the adiabatic heat transfer coefficient can be used to predict the temperature of components in a simulation of an in-line array of rectangular blocks. Read more »

Radial nozzles

 - maurice marongiu, mjm consulting services, explains how radial nozzles have increased the efficiency of jet impingement cooling. Read more »

How Thermal Conductivity Relates to Electrical Conductivity

 - clemens j.m. lasance, philips research laboratories, explains the connection between electrical and thermal conductivity. Read more »

High performance thermal management materials

 - carl zweben, composites consultant, explores advanced materials that are being used in thermal management solutions. Read more »

Heat pipe fundamentals

 - john. e. graebner, bell labs, lucent technologies, shares the fundamentals of heat pipe design and thermal properties. Read more »

Evaluation of different heat transfer coefficient definitions

 - kaveh azar, at&t bell laboratories and robert moffat, stanford university, evaluate different definitions of heat transfer coefficients. Read more »

Status Report on EU project DELPHI

 - harvey rosten, flomerics limited, gives an update on delphi, the european union funded project for the creation and validation of thermal models on electronic parts. Read more »

Computer-related thermal packaging at the millenial divide

 - avram bar-cohen, phd, university of minnesota, explains that developments in electronic packaging will need to be made to reach the full potential of seimconductors. Read more »

The Coefficient of thermal expansion - Part 2

 - clemens j m lasance, associate editor, expands the discussion of the coefficient of thermal expansion to materials important to electronic parts. Read more »

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