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Heat Transfer Calculators


coolingZONE Library – where engineers and researchers go to see the latest and archived developments in thermal management.

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Approximating Component Temperatures at Altitude Based on CFD at Sea Level Conditions

 - an article by bruno zocali, president of tdmg, a thermal management consulting firm, on approximating component temperatures at atltitude based on cfd analysis at sea level conditions. Read more »

Thin Conducting Plate Technology Provides New Options for IC Package Thermal Modeling

 - dr. kamal karimanal, customer support engineer on icepak team at fluent inc., writes about thin conducting plate technology and the options it provides for ic package thermal modeling. Read more »

Integrating Thermal and Electromagnetic Design in Telecommunication Systems

 - this paper reports computational modeling work done by flomerics and avici, to help design a thermally and electromagnetically robust tera-bit router system. Read more »

A Presentation on Advanced Materials from Dr. Carl Zweben, Presented in 2011

 - in his excellent presentation he covers standard and advanced materials for thermal management. this includes all parts and updated material to 2011. dr. zweben has graciously approved this presentations content and publication. Read more »

Thermal Simulations Applied to Embedded Cryptographic Coprocessor Devices

 - an article by gabriele campi, development engineer, packaging & technology development department at celestica italia s.r.l., on thermal simulations applied to embedded cryptographic coprocessor devices. Read more »

Thermal Modeling Reduces Costs In Telecommunications Design

 - an article by christopher j. scafidi, p.e. adc. software developers have created thermal modeling and virtual prototyping programs that, if applied early in a design project, can save companies considerable time and money. Read more »

Experimental Assessment of Numerical Predictive Accuracy for Board-Mounted Electronics Heat Transfer

 - an article by dr. peter rodgers and valerie eveloy of galway-mayo institute of technology on an experimental assessment of numerical predictive accuracy for board-mounted electronics heat transfer. Read more »

R-Tools: Thermal Modeling Package of Air Cooled and Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks

 - first on line thermal modeling package of air cooled and liquid cooled heat sinks by dr. ahmed zaghlol. Read more »


 - this calculator is based on an article that appeared in the electronicscooling magazine. it allows you to calculate the thermal conductivity of a multi-layer pcb. Read more »

Future Challenges for Thermal Interface Materials

 -  with the expected arrival of a one billion-transistor device, a near supercomputer on-a-chip, by the end of the decade, the question arises on how to maximize heat transfer across the interface. dr. ron hunadi addresses the state-of-the-art of interface materials and the challenges ahead. Read more »

Will the Wind Tunnel Replace the Computer? (Article originally from 1985)

 - we will be featuring articles in the next issues of the magazine on the subject of wind tunnels. why not start with a nice funny article that was published by nasa ames in 1985. Read more »

Calculating of surface temperature for an outdoor box

 - this calculation routine has been submitted by one of our members, mr. roberto antori from italy. you can use this calculator to estimate the surface temperature of an outdoor box. Read more »

Calculating flow rate in an enclosure

 - this quick routine is provided by rittal corporation for sizing fan filters and calculating flow rate in an enclosure. Read more »

Tips for Modeling with the Finite Element Method

 - this is the first article of a series that will focus on proper application of the finite element method for solving engineering design problems. the author of these articles (introduced at the end of the article) is an experienced user of advanced fe tools whose insight may be of value to our members. Read more »

Avoiding Outsourcing Traps

 - an article reprinted from systems thinker newsletter by permission from the publisher. a must read for all suppliers and anyone interested or involved in outsourcing activities. Read more »

Alleviating Thermal Spreading Resistance in Telecommunication Systems

 - an article by geoff thyrum of thermacore, inc. on using heat pipes to spread heat over a larger surface area. Read more »

Air Velocity Measurement Using Thermistors

 - an article by raouf ismail, president of cambridge accusense, inc., on measuring air velocity with thermosistors. Read more »

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