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Archived Magazines » May 2009

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Not a Success Story

Not a Success Story It is always nice to read a success story but from a professional point of view I find failure stories more interesting. They are often truly sad but they do push things forward. Experience is also to a large extent based on mistakes made. A thermal designer that has a large stack of failure stories is therefore well equipped for the job.rn details>>

Everything You Know Is Wrong - Part I

Everything You Know Is Wrong - Part I What the heck is wrong with my heat sink? Did I get a bad batch of aluminum or something? A microprocessor on my circuit board is running a little too hot, about 60 degrees C above the inlet air temperature to the box. So I added a heat sink that had about three times the surface area of the microprocessor package. You're always harping on the idea that heat sinks work by increasing surface... details>>

Thermal management of RF and Microwave devices

Thermal management of RF and Microwave devices Radio Frequency devices are used in communications and radar systems. As the power density of these devices increase, removal of associated large heat fluxes beckons novel thermal management solutions. The starting point in thermal management of RF devices is the transistor design, where modifications to the transistor geometry can have a substantial influence on the maximum junction temperature... details>>

Summit 2010 - Keynote Lecture

Summit 2010 - Keynote Lecture From health care to education to security, almost every aspect of life has benefited from the Silicon Revolution. Integrated circuits serve as the “brains” of nearly all engineered entities that require rapid acquisition, transfer, and interpretation of information. The continued evolution of electronics for the 21st Century, however, requires a fundamental shift in perspective, coupled with... details>>

Challenges and Innovations in Avionics and Military Electronics Thermal Management

Challenges and Innovations in Avionics and Military Electronics Thermal Management Avionic and defense electronic systems are continuing to add functionality and features resulting in thermal design engineers being tasked to devise efficient thermal management approaches with minimum weight, volume, and cost. While adding the latest high performance devices often increases dissipated heat loads, details>>

Challenges of Liquid Cooling

Challenges of Liquid Cooling Many have a conscious, or perhaps sub-conscious, fear of the two together. In this lecture, the plain facts of the topic of liquid cooling for electronics will be laid out so that attendees can make logical informed decisions about liquid cooling and whether their applications would benefit from using it. General background knowledge of what is included in a liquid cooling system and what is... details>>

Thermal Engineering Challenges at the Device and Microprocessor Levels

Thermal Engineering Challenges at the Device and Microprocessor Levels The power distribution non-uniformities across chips results in sharp temperature gradients and multiple temperature peaks across a microprocessor or chip, which can adversely impact reliability and performance. Therefore, microprocessor packaging and cooling solutions should not only consider the worst case senario but details>>

Cooling Challenges of 3D Packaging

Cooling Challenges of 3D Packaging The convergence of computing and communications dictates building up rather than out. As consumers demand more functions in their hand-held devices, the need for more memory in a limited space is increasing, and integrating various functions into the same package is becoming more crucial. Over the past few years, die stacking has emerged as a powerful tool for satisfying these challenging... details>>

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