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coolingZONE-12 Thermal Management of Electronics eConference (August 29th and 30th)



Intrachip Microfluidic Cooling - Gen3 Thermal Packaging Technology .
by Avram Bar-Cohen, Ph.D., Presentation Keynote Speaker: Wednesday, August 29

The motivation, technological thrusts, and promise of a new thermal management paradigm being promoted by DARPA will be the topic of this talk. read more

Indirect Liquid Cooling of Electronics with Micro- and Mini-Scale Cold Plates and Heat Sinks: Theoretical and Practical Implications for Enhanced Cooling and Energy Recovery .
by Alfonso Ortega, Ph.D., coolingZONE-12 Conference Co-Chair, Presentation

Indirect liquid cooling via cold plates and liquid cooled heat sinks has become a necessary part of the potential design space for cooling electronic systems as the thermal margin for air cooling vanishes. In high density Data Center applications, liquid cooling offers the possibility not only of enhanced cooling, but also increases the potential for waste energy recovery. read more

State of the Art in Thermal Management - From Vacuum Tube to Super Computers .
by Kaveh Azar, Ph.D., Presentatation

Thermal management, more than ever before, has become the center of attention in a successful launch of a product. The challenge that we all face as product managers or engineers is to select, design or deploy a successful cooling solution suitable for the product at hand while meeting its market requirements. As the result, we often overlook what is available on the market and what has been developed to meet the cooling challenges of different electronics. This presentation will help engineers to take a wider approach to solutions. read more

High-Performance Thermal Management Materials .
by Carl Zweben, Ph.D., Presentation

This presentation covers the large and increasing number of advanced thermal management materials, including properties and the growing array of applications read more

Materials for microelectronic and LED heat dissipation .
by Deborah Chung, Ph.D., Presentation

Overheating is one of the biggest problems in the microelectronic and LED industries, as it limits the power, reliability, performance and further miniaturization. This problem particularly affects high-performance and high-power devices. For heat dissipation from a hot surface, heat needs to flow from the hot surface to a heat sink or a heat spreader. read more

Near Junction Thermal Engineering of MicroElectronic Devices .
by Mehdi Asheghi, Ph.D., coolingZONE-12 Conference Co-Chair, Presentation

Near Junction Thermal Engineering of MicroElectronic Devices read more

Next Generation Embedded Liquid Cooling with Ultra Low Thermal Resistance .
by Michael Ohadi, Ph.D., Presentation

The next generation cooling systems will integrate the thermal management techniques into the chip layout, and/or package design, to provide substantially enhanced cooling performance with ultra-low thermal resistance between chip-level heat generation and system-level heat removal path. This presentation will review most recent progress in embedded micro cooling systems. read more

Using computers to go where experiments cannot: massively-parallel LES of turbulent heat transfer .
by Andrew Duggleby, Ph.D, Presentation

In this talk, the current state-of-the-art for both the quick simulations and the highly-resolved simulations will be discussed in the context of turbulent heat transfer. This will be within the context of using massively available computing power now generally available. read more

Design of natural convection-cooled systems for electronics and LED Lighting .
by Ruben Bons, Presentation

This session will detail the optimization capabilities in STAR-CCM+, particularly its ability to perform design exploration, design of experiments, robustness analysis, and goal-driven constrained optimization. read more

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