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Advanced Thermal Solutions

  • 90 Access Road
  • 02062
  • united states


ATS is committed to providing the electronics industry with innovative, high-quality and cost-effective thermal management and packaging solutions. Our goal is to be our customers’ value-added supplier and success partner for all thermal and packaging needs – analysis, testing and final product Our offering includes consulting, training, thermal analysis instruments, heat pipes, and heat sinks, including our patented maxiFLOW technology, heat sink attachment, including our patenting superGRIP and maxiGRIP heat sink attachment


Thermal Management of RF and Digital Electronic Assemblies using Optimized Materials and PCB Designs
Trends and Challenges in Thermal Management Field 2012, George Meyer, COO and CTO, Celsia Technologies
It\'s all about the Junction Temperature: Measuring and Calculating
Natural Convection in a Vertical Channel
How Wicks and Orientation Affect Heat Pipe Performance
Get Your Heat Sink Attachment Right By Choosing the Best Option
Multi-Chip Module Thermal Management
$595 in Training Could be Yours for Taking our 5-minute survey
coolingZONE Launches Supplier Directory to Connect Engineers Quickly With Resources
Using Your Lungs as a model, GE Creates New Air Mover Method That Cools Electronics at the Source
Fundamentals of Infrared Temperature Measurement
Thermochromic liquid crystals vs. IR Cameras: Which Should an Engineer Use?
Thermal Battery Providing Cold Milk for Developing World
Googles Belgium Data Center Cooling Pushes Limits of Ambient AIr for Thermal Management
How to Make the Right Thermal Management Decision for Your Next Computer Rack
AMAX Launches [SMART] DC Data Center Manager
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis of Impinging Jet Flow using the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) turbulence model
HP technology helps satisfy need of data centers for rack level cooling
Has the price of copper made graphene viable for thermal management?
Graphene-Graphite Quilts for Thermal Management of High-Power GaN Transistors
How breaking the thermal boundary layer with a piezoelectric fan can enhance heat sink cooling
Do not forget RF & Digital Electronic Assemblies in Your Thermal Managment Strategy
Topology Optimization in Cold Plates
coolingZONE-12 to feature two days of pre-conference short courses.
A Novel Approach to Data Center Cooling Chops Energy Use by 50%
coolingZONE releases conference proceedings for 2011 thermal engineering summit; Ideal for engineering training
Appli-TEC\\\'s Tim Walsh Interview with coolingZONE on their new thermal compound, Appli-thane 7300
coolingZONE-12 15% Discounts to exhibit ending July 20th!
coolingZONE-12 Pre-Conference Short Course Video Interview with Dr. Kaveh Azar
MIT and National Science Foundation Video Explains Fluid Mechanics In An Accessible Way
Why Attending coolingZONE-12 is a Great Idea: from EE Times
CFD to Model The Cloud: a coolingZONE-12 Short Course with Future Facilities
coolingZONE-12 eConference Preview: Dr. Al Ortega Teaches on Design of Liquid Cooled Heat Sinks and Cold Plates
FAQ on coolingZONE-12 Thermal Management of Electronics eConference
coolingZONE-12 eConference Preview: Dr. Robert Moffat Teaches on Improving Your Thermal Measurement and Analysis in Electronic Systems
Thermal Management: Not just for computers!
Thermal Management: Not just for computers!
Computers that Work on Heat Currents instead of Electricity? That\'s a possibility with New Research in Heat Flow Control for Future Nanoelectronics
Is there a disconnect between thermal management specialists and real world manufacturing?
Why Cool Your Data Center with Air When You Can Use Oil?
Why Cool Your Data Center with Air When You Can Use Oil?
Win an iPad at the CFD Modeling Challenge at coolingZONEs 2-Day Short Course on Thermal Management of Electronics in December
In Honor of Dr. Richard Chu, Pioneering Scientist in Thermal and Mechanical Engineering
HP Gaming Computer Has Next-Level Thermal Management
Power Budget Remains a Concern for System Designers
Limited Seating for October 31st CoolingZONE eConference Covering Breakthrough Pin Fin Heat Sinks and Best Practice in LED Thermal Characterization
Sandia Labs Sandia Cooler Gains Two Licensees but is this Technology Mainstream Worthy
Survey Says? National Physical Laboratory, UK wants our opinion on thermophysical property data in thermal modeling
How to Make An Intelligent, MultiChannel, Thermocouple
coolingZONE November 28th eConference: When is computer aided engineering more than just pretty pictures?
Heavy Metal: Metal in PCB boards Resurges
Miniaturization and High Capacity Cooling on the Minds of Thermal Management Industry
Aluminum and Copper Hybrid Strategies for Thermal Management
Lithium Ion Battery Overheating Seen in Boeing 787: Why and Solutions
Aerospace Applications of Graphene Subject of UK Collaborations
Self-Sensing Semiconductors and Smart Thermal Architecture Mean Systems Run Properly and Safely
Phase Change Materials and Transient Loads
Think Beyond the BOM to Make Energy Wise and Total Cost Reduced Thermal Management Solutions
Can Software Be Your Thermal Management Solution?
Simple Refrigeration System for Thermal Management
Improving the Performance of Microchannel Heat Sinks
Thermoelectric Peltier Cooling
General Methods for Measuring Thermal Conductivity
State-of-the-art research study for green cloud computing
Heat Spreading with Copper, Silicon and Heat Pipes
Calculating Load for Liquid Cooling Systems
Spreading Thermal Resistance; Its Definition and Control
What Effect on Heat Pipe Performance Does Using a Copper Nanofluid Concentration Have?
Boiling Heat Transfer in Battery Electric Vehicles
A Two-Phase Pressure Drop Model Incorporating Local Water Balance and Reactant Consumption in PEM Fuel Cell Gas Channels
Supplier Spotlight: Adcol, AOS Thermal Compounds, Staubli, Timtronics, DSI Ventures, TECA, Dantherm, Align Sourcing, and Tech Source
Power Towers Generate 30% of U.S. Solar Power in New Califlornia Concentrated Solar Power Plant
Engineers Choice at coolingZONE 2014 Thermal Management eConference
Heat Pipe Fluid Survey Show Coolant of Choice Is .....
The Future Of Data Center Cooling?
Heat Transfer Enhancement by Finned Heat Sinks with Micro-structured Roughness
Intel, SGI and 3M Partner on Revolutionary 2-Phase Immersion Cooling Technology
DARPA Modifies its Mission in the Wake of Complex Weapons Systems and Cost
National Renewable Energy Lab Panel to Present at coolingZONE 2014
1 Minute Preview! coolingZONE Thermal Management Summit - A Live Webcast!
Heat Pipes: From Basics to Advanced Materials; Learn it Live at CZ14 Summit!
Advanced Cooling Technologies to Present at coolingZONE 2014
Models for Battery Reliability and Lifetime - White Paper from National Renewable Energy Lab
Aware Load Direction for Servers: A Feasibility Study
What Are The Emerging Trends in Data Center Thermal Management? Learn it Live at CZ14 Summit!
Why Using Advanced Materials for Your Next Electronics Enclosure Will Give You a Better Product. Learn it Live at CZ14 Summit!
What Are the Latest Technologies in Lithiuim Ion Battery Thermal Management for EV and HEV? Learn it Live at CZ14 Summit!
Are Quick Disconnect Fittings for Liquid Cooilng of Electronics Safe? Learn it Live at CZ14 Summit!
Liquid Cooling at the Rack and Server Level
Telecomm Industry Trends in Cooling: Where The Technology Is and Where It Is Going; Learn it Live at CZ14 Summit
Can A Non-mechanical Thermal Control System Remake the World of Thermal Management?
Determining The Rate of Convective Heat Transfer with Reynolds, Nusselt and Prandtl Numbers
Landed on a Comet! How Does The Electronics Cooling Work for Spacecraft like the Rosetta Philae
Heat Pipes: Review, Opportunities And Challenges
Microstructure Dependence Of Heat Sink Constructed By Carbon Nanotubes For Chip Cooling
Rise of Direct Liquid Cooling In Data Centers Inevitable, But Is That Bad?
Effective Thermal Management with Different Thermal Interface Materials for Different Applications
Can CAD Simulation Make Thermal Engineers Obsolete?
Lighting the Way for a Cool Super Bowl XLIX
LSU Team Discovers Another Material Breakthrough For Electronics Cooling
One Millimeter Thick Thermal Groundplane Made of Polymer Gives 100x Greater Thermal Conductivity Than Copper
Cost Reducing Graphite for Thermal Management The Focus of Canadian Univeristy and Commercial Partnership
Our 15th Year! coolingZONE 2015 Thermal Management Summit
Dr. Y.C. Lee, Ph.D. To Speak at coolingZONE-15 on Flexible Thermal Ground Planes for Smartphones and Wearable Electronics.
Synergetic Effect between Lighting Efficiency Enhancement and Building Energy Reduction Using Alternative Thermal Operating System of Indoor LED Lighting
The Peltier Cooling and Mass Airflow Based Laptop Cooling Device
New Study Sheds Light On Cooling Capacity Of Phase Change Materials
Novel Electronics Cooling Solution Improves Power Handling of Small Packages
Is It Possible to Use Fractals to Understand and Improve on Heat Transfer?
coolingZONE 2015 Webinars Start October 20th! Don\'t Miss Out!
Light Could Become the Dominant Form of Heat Transfer
Microfluidics: DARPA is betting embedded water droplets could cool next-gen chips
THis is a test article on heat sinks
Blog / Editorial Article Test
Cooling Options Explored To Utilize Concentrated Solar Power
Harley-Davidson Launches All-New Milwaukee-Eight Engine
New Solution Announced For Overheating Batteries on Planes
How Heat Affects Camera Design and What to Do About It
Cost and Performance Optimization of Thermal Management Solution for High Power LEDs
Thermal Management Market to Reach $20 Billion in Next Decade
Breaking Down Thermal Management Challenges in Forced Convection Tablets
Increasing the Lifespan and Reliability of Electrical Components
The Large Scale Synthesis of Aligned Plate Nanostructures
iPhone 7 Week Begins on coolingZONE
Technology Review: Mobile Device Thermal Management
New Design Concepts in 3D Stacked Chips and Their Thermal Challenges
Thermal Performance of Thin Flat Heat Pipes
Industry Developments: Smartphone Cooling Systems
Graphene quilts for thermal management of GaN transistors
Thermal management systems optimize liquid chromatography
Cambridge Nanotherm Announces Enhanced Substrate for LED Thermal Management
Schindler & Schill GmbH software makes it easier to find PCB hotspots
Researchers join materials to improve power transistors
Input/output connectors cooling data center equipment
Thermal Management Solutions for Aerospace Electronics
New Optical Material Offers Better Control of Thermal Radiation
Case Study: Improving Thermal Management While Conserving Water
Bilayer graphene device step forward in valleytronics
MIT start-up announces breakthrough on battery power
Researchers examining personal thermal management systems
LED lighting proves beneficial to growing plants
Engine upgrades for F-35 expected in mid-2020s
Australian scientists set solar thermal efficiency record
Train windows combine mobile reception and thermal insulation
Renault applies for patent on EV battery device
Harvard researchers create world?s first soft robot
Thermal characteristics at core of tropical hurricanes
Military vehicles need thermal and acoustic insulation
NASA uses unique heat spreader in satellite design
Alienware laptop offers improved thermal management
Land Rover turns to virtual engineering for new model
Exploring causes of smartphone battery fires
Data Centers seek cooling options to reduce water footprint
MIT scientists developing beaver-inspired wetsuits
Thermoplastics can play part in LED thermal management
Hybrid optical-thermal antennas to control heat on nanoscale
Explaining the measurement basics of LED thermal management
White Paper: FSP MIA IC reduces energy consumption
Examining pulsating heat pipe thermal performance
Diamonds being used to prevent overheating in electronics
Separate-type heat pipes for concentrating solar power
Thermal Management can impact risk management approaches
Thermal issues account for 55 percent of electronic failures
Solid state RF power suppliers making thermal changes
Mercedes engine re-design powers it to top of F1
Gear VR disabled in Samsung phones due to thermal concerns
Japanese engineers create Kengoro, the sweating robot
Engineer details need for thermal management at design stage
Researchers determine thinner is cooler for GaN transistors
Going beyond conductivity in thermal management of LED
Study of thermal performance of a flat loop heat pipe
Particle collisions could lead to overheating circuits
Researchers see thermal benefit from carbon nanotubes
Measuring the dielectric constant for capacitors
Graphene-enhanced TIMs make PV cells more efficient
Thermal imaging cameras can map heat patterns in electronics
Combat cloud extends embedded computing into military application
Employing DCIM improves data center efficiency
New heavy-duty engine brake to improve thermal performance
Air Force exploring use of lasers on fighter jets
Thermal management provides Audi with efficient engine
Intel processor has native thermal management features
Company patenting product for thermal management in a roof
Choose the proper power supply for your LED project
Researchers explore optimal EV battery thermal management
Researchers develop DNA-based single-electron electronic devices
Australian researchers develop new graphene material
NC State researchers develop improved inverter for EV
Tactical Fast Rope Gloves add thermal protection
Thermal management needs to be part of electronics design
Microsoft Surface Book has improved battery performance
Razer Blade Pro gaming laptop using vapor chamber
Tesla reveals new solar roof and high-capacity battery
Royal DSM announces polyamides with advanced thermal properties
Converged infrastructure key to support IoT and edge computing
Researchers study nickel foam-paraffin composite for EV thermal management
SiC chips making inroads in power electronics
Researchers find way to control thermal conductivity of 2-D materials
Software simulations test thermal capabilities of graphite
EVGA issues new firmware to address thermal concerns
Company turning feathers into insulation material for homes
Scientists report on efficient perovskite solar cell design
U.K. company on brink of completing SABRE rocket technology
USC researchers create material that contracts when heated
Siemens working on economic storage technology for wind energy
New sensor works in high temperature environments
Company applies for patent on flexible PCM composite for thermal management
New paper investigates numerical simulation of nanofluids flows
Researchers develop membrane to allow rapid recharge of batteries
Melexis launches sensors for temperature measurement
Hyundai releases details about its new Ioniq EV
Rumored Microsoft phone could use liquid cooling
Facebook launches BackPack switch platform for data centers
Liquid cooling solution chosen for CHIME project
Startup developing smartwatch powered by body heat
DuPont releases new line of thermal interface materials
Exploring heat transfer in wiped film evaporators
IceCub is first home cooling solution with integrated energy storage
New research determines maximum rate of near-field radiative heat transfer
Solvay launches new polyamide for thermal management systems
Researchers discover new method for dissipating heat in electronics
NYU engineers grow atomic-scale electronic material
Researchers use graphene as template for new metal-oxide nanostructures
Thoughts on what lies behind Samsung smartphone fires
Early transistor material maybe making return as substitute for silicon
Exploring immersion cooling as thermal solution for electronics
Aquila and TAS Energy launch liquid cooled data center solution
European Thermodynamics Conference to be held in Budapest in May
MSI releases Trident, smallest VR-ready gaming PC
Microsoft announces Cheyenne data center will be fully wind powered
Qualcomm introduces next-gen Snapdragon 835 processor
Berkeley Lab studying nanomaterial with potential impact on thermal management
Scientists use graphene to expand usable bandwidth
Scientists develop graphene with resistance to ozone
University of Manchester research could bring faster electronics
Purdue and Toyota work together for EV cooling technology
Researchers develop dry adhesive that bonds in extreme temps
Scientists at Rice theorize potential enhancement for heat sinks
Tesla conducts voluntary recall of older EV charging adapter
Early reviews of the new Intel Kaby Lake Core i7 7700K
Space could be the final frontier for air conditioning
Article praises the democratization of thermal management simulation tools
Researchers find safer alternatives to liquid electrolytes in batteries
Thermal management and bio-hybrid electronic systems
JCESR expects to see improved lithium-sulfur battery by 2018
Adding hydrogen to graphene could produce better semiconductors
Technology enhances electrical and thermal conductivity of composites
Penn State researchers introduce more stable polymers to electrical circuits
Bacteria-powered battery built on a single sheet of paper
Microwaves could lead to rapid and mass production of graphene
Stanford researchers create chip just three atoms thick
Magnetically activated thermal switches developed using nanofluids
Syracuse researchers improve heat transfer in boiling
Stanford using innovative means to cut dependence on fossil fuels
Samsung SDI announces longer range EV battery at auto show
Energy Observer sails by creating hydrogen power from saltwater
WIRED article calls 2017 the year battery life gets fixed
Microsoft looking to patent underwater data center reef
U.S. Navy looking for high-performance TIMs for energy storage devices
Thermal management is important to PCB design for IoT
New Year, new computers and new thermal management technologies
Duke researchers use silver nanowires to create inks for printing circuits
Japanese researchers create hydrogen at lower temperatures
Graphene added to Silly Putty creates sensitive electromechanical sensors
Controlling molecules on graphene could lead to microscopic switches
Engineers designing electromagnetic materials to enhance thermal radiation
Research shows that graphene can strengthen copper interconnects in chips
Purdue researchers eyeing new semiconductor for power electronics
NIST physicists cool microscopic drum below quantum limit
Eltek partnering with U.N. to provide solar power in Zimbabwe
Plastic clothing material developed to cool the skin
Bosch showcases automated, connected and electrified tech at Auto Show
Article explains battery thermal management in Formula E cars
GIGABYTE demonstrates two-phase immersion cooling for servers
New Nissan Leaf promises improved battery thermal management
Professor uses thermal engineering background to design coffee mug
LG promises new phone will not overheat because of heat pipes
Stanford researchers using polymers to create safer batteries
German institute announces breakthrough in graphene production
European scientists discover propagation of phase change in nickelates
Stanford researchers visualize hydrogen absorption in nanoparticles
Rice scientists calculate graphene nano-chimneys to cool circuits
NUS scientists develop electrically conductive polymers for semiconductors
Swiss researchers find method for storing summer heat until winter
WPI researchers design electrohydrodynamic pump to cool electronics in space
Engineers create artificial skin that feels temperature changes
Article explores the thermal challenges in wireless charging
LinkedIn pumps water into server racks to cool data centers
ANSYS releases version 18 of its computer-aided engineering software
Vertiv using machine learning to automate data center cooling
Cambridge Nanotherm claims it has solution to cooling CSP LED
Aavid Thermacore technology cooling satellite photographing the sun
EVGA releases closed loop liquid cooling CPU coolers
UC San Diego engineers develop transparent light-absorbing material
Tufts engineers develop chip-sized, high-speed terahertz modulator
Scientists observe quantum phase transitions for the first time
UCLA researchers use nanoparticles to better control melting
Duke engineers create electromagnetic metamaterial without any metal
Researchers in Sweden develop the first heat-driven transistor
European scientists create ultra-sensitive infrared detectors using graphene
Study shows that for one metal, electricity flows but heat does not
University of Maryland introduces grad certificate program in electronics packaging
German city considering innovative municipal heat storage plan
Tesla creates battery farm to assist with energy spikes on the grid
Solar thermal could be the answer to worldwide need for air conditioning
Cox Media Group Using Liquid Cooling in Radio Transmitters
Thermaltake announces three CPU cooling solutions for AMD Ryzen
CoolIT Systems issued patent for modular heat transfer solution
Dutch startup Asperitas releases liquid cooled modular data center
FSU professor theorizes inorganic-organic hybrid could be electrically efficient
New material designed to cool buildings in eco-friendly manner
Article explains benefits of copper filling of through-holes in LED substrates
Researchers using polymers to stabilize micro-hotplates for smart gas sensor
IBM Zurich researchers measure single quantum of heat
Carnegie Mellon researchers develop thermally conductive stretchable rubber
Sandia Labs research uses kinetics not temperature to make ceramic coatings
UChicago students use heat to levitate objects in vacuum chamber
Natural thermostat revealed in the upper atmosphere
Honeywell announces TIM to help keep phones cool
European engineers design emission-free, solar-powered chiller
GE Aviation given Army contract to develop silicon carbide electronics
Article outlines thermal management of LED light for microscope
Belgian company featured in article about loop heat pipe cooling system
Nintendo Switch utilizes big battery and plenty of cooling
Two-Phase Flow study exploring efficient cooling systems for space
PCS researchers explain electronics structure of graphene
Scientists publish research on creation of the first time crystal
Princeton engineers detail innovations to build intelligent cities
Stanford researchers present prototype energy converter that uses graphene
UMass researchers develop surface treatment for conducting thin films
International team of physicists study thermal conductivity of nanoislands
MIT studies interactions that affect way heat moves through microchips
Researchers show bubble-recoil could cool microchips in space
Chicago startup has created a battery to store thermal energy
Article explains a novel approach to developing a thermal capacitor
Thermally responsive fabric changes thickness based on conditions
Heat pipe technology being used to turn household waste into heating fuel
Sandia Labs using refrigerant not water for cooling supercomputers
ARM unveils latest generator of processors focusing on AI and machine learning
Outlining industry developments in thermal solutions for servers
Scientists observe unusual fluid behavior in heat pipes in microgravity
Researchers add coating to silicon semiconductors to enhance conductivity
FAU researchers create largest diamond foil in the world
3-D printed liquid battery could cool future computer chip stacks
UT-Dallas researchers find patriotic breakthrough for advanced electronics
Fujitsu Labs exploring semiconductor packaging as thermal solution
KAUST researchers create flexible thermoelectric generators
Researchers find way to outwit thermal noise in quantum communications
Swedish researchers demonstrate efficient solar energy storage in liquid
Physicists develop ultrathin superconducting plastic film
ESA turns to lunar soil to heat overnight missions on the moon
Microsoft releases details about high-powered console with vapor chamber
Kickstarter campaign started for Calyos fanless computer chassis
KULR Technology debuts carbon fiber thermal management material at Semi-Therm 33
CUI introduces higher performing Peltier modules with innovative structure
Outlining industry developments in cooling solar power inverters
New class of carbon allotropes could provide benefits to electronics industry
Stanford scientist models new materials for high-power batteries
New research could lead to redefinition of unit of temperature
Brandeis researchers take first step towards self-propelled liquid
MIT researchers develop process to iron out wrinkles in graphene
Researchers at Rutgers discover means to use graphene to cool tiny chips
KSU researcher patents polymer to create high-temperature ceramics
Researchers design self-assembled transistors from carbon nanotubes
Duke engineers develop jumping droplets to cool hotspots in electronics
New sensors detail thermal transport properties of living cells
Hydrostor introduces long-duration bulk energy storage system
UMass medical school cooled by brazed plate heat exchanger technology
Researchers explore building temperatures that automatically adjust to user needs
Knurr announces custom cooling solutions for rack enclosures
Nautilus Data pushes forward with floating data center concept
Researchers introducing triple treatment nano-coatings for heat exchangers
Article outlines developments in District Cooling technology
Device allows study of reactions between electrode, electrolyte and active materials
Researchers use new metamaterial to create improved infrared sensors
Columbia researchers freeze lithium-ion batteries to make them safer
Fraunhofer study examines electromechanical components in PV inverters
PolyU develops novel semiconductor nanofiber with high conductivity
New method shows how lithium-ion batteries behave when short-circuiting
Researchers create non-toxic and efficient thermoelectric material
University of Nebraska researchers harness heat to power computers
Duke researchers use 3-D printing to create electromagnetic metamaterials
U.K. lab cooling atoms to brink of absolute zero using lasers
Report studies feasibility of renewable thermal technologies in Connecticut
Wakefield-Vette offering new thermal interface material line
Terrella Energy Systems bringing its graphite manufacturing to thermal management
Fujitsu and Oracle launch M12 servers with new liquid cooling system
Witricity using magnetic resonance to widen transmission gap in wireless charging
Ebullient develops two-phase, direct-to-chip liquid cooling solution
Thin layers of water hold promise for future of energy storage
Rice research describes enhanced voltage in nanogaps in plasmonic gold wires
Article argues against using effective thermal conductivity in PCB thermal modeling
New research details composition of complex nanomaterials in superconductors
Article explores the impact of heat sink material on thermal performance
Georgia Tech researchers use high temps to create graphene from ethene
New method uses heat not vibrations to get graphene to make sounds
Researchers develop capacitors that work even at extreme temperatures
Volkswagen Golf featuring new engine with innovative thermal management
Smart windows significantly reduce energy consumption
University of Sheffield engineers cooling stadiums at Qatar 2022
Researchers create largest transparent fuel test assembly in the world
Aavid Thermacore designs thermal management solution for telescope
NREL signs agreement with Forge Nano to commercialize battery technology
Google expects to commercialize quantum technology in five years
Fujitsu turning to liquid immersion cooling for data centers
Nanomaterial improves performance of catalytic converters
NIST scientists develop new cryocooler that does not use liquid helium
University of Nebraska engineers build microscopic heater-thermometer
U.K. research sheds light on heat engines for nanoscale machines
Article explores fin optimization in heat sinks and heat exchangers
White paper describes use of 1-D and 3-D CFD on EV battery thermal management
Researchers develop new fabrication process for diamond transistors
New study reveals 1-D crystals can be used in low-temp thermoelectric cooling
Solid state cooling could be game-changer for HVAC industry
Allied Control gives immersion cooling demo at Computex
Laird develops liquid cooling systems for particle accelerators
Cambridge Nanotherm addresses thermal management of UV-LEDs
Rogers Corp. ceramic substrates enhance thermal management
Noctua introduces advanced fan design at Computex show
Celebrate National Thermal Engineer Day on July 24
IBM announces the development of transistors for 5 nanometer chips
JANUS supercomputer used to measure coherence length in spin glasses
X-ray imaging and computer modeling being used to study piezoelectric materials
KAIST researchers observe phase transition of liquid crystal defects
Researchers find ferroelasticity in organic/inorganic perovskites
UT-Dallas engineer designs all-carbon, spintronic computing system
Article explores recent industry developments in heat exchangers
Texas A&M researchers find special class of 2-D semiconductors
Researchers develop ways to control molecular vibrations that transmit heat
Liquid helium cooling used to break overclocking record on Intel processor
Higher thermal software needs could mean move to the cloud
Dutch company using servers to provide a hot shower
Element Six launches first electrically conductive CVD diamond heat spreader
Liquid cooling increasingly the solution for cooling high performance computing
Case study explores design of air-to-air heat exchanger
Researchers explain how heat sink sandwich enhances semiconductor laser
STULZ and CoolIT Systems partner on liquid-cooled micro data center
Research paves the way for production of hybrid silicon lasers
Researchers use graphene to tune functionality of molecular devices
Carbon nanotube heating device recovers fresh water from brine
Graphene research continues with 3-D printed foam and new chemical method
Empa researchers developing next generation electrolytes for batteries
Israeli researchers create new diode with optically controlled capacitance
Breakthrough in electrolyte chemistry allows batteries to run at ultra-low temps
MIT researchers produce device to turn industrial waste heat into electricity
MIT and NASA exploring efficiency of oceans as heat sinks
Pilot explains why high temperatures ground planes in Southwest
Jaguar claims thermal management system adds 30 miles to EV range
KitGuru survey indicates majority of readers going to liquid cooling
Providing thermal management of UV LED disinfection devices
Article explores different thermally conductive adhesives for electronics
Survey asks engineers what type of work-related video content interests them
NanoAvionics launches CubeSat that uses liquid chemical propulsion
MIT research demonstrates photon interactions at room temperature
Hypersonic travel could be on horizon with discovery of new material
New material discovered that could lead to more stable quantum computing
New electron pairing could lead to more high-temperature superconductors
Researchers use magnetic tremors to reveal superconductivity in 2-D material
Researchers use white graphene to build thermally stable, small sensors
Versatile optomechnical beams can act as thermometer or as heat shield
Researchers create nanowire circuit boards that dissolve when cooled
LG and Enphase Energy announce release of new residential solar panels
DARPA seeking a future for electronics beyond Moores Law
Startup receives funding to expand 3-D printing of thermal technologies
Solar panel cooling technology allows Parker Solar Probe to explore the sun
Alphabet spinoff, Dandelion, uses geothermal energy to heat homes
Graphene being tested in Europe for zero-gravity applications
Articles explain importance of heat sink attachments in PCB design
National Thermal Engineer Day is on Monday, July 24
Researchers use new technique to produce thin layers of semiconductor material
Physicists observe Maxwells Demon brought to quantum life
Researchers develop battery-free cell phone that harvests ambient power
Researchers map microscopic figure of merit for thermoelectric materials
Reducing oxygen stabilizes nonacrystalline materials at high temperatures
New research gives better understanding of optomechanical cooling
Researchers control thermal and electric currents in nanoscale devices
Simulations demonstrate the impact of splashing at microscopic level
Researchers 3-D print graphene aerogel, officially lightest material in the world
Animated video explains thermal management of lithium-ion batteries
Thermal management a priority for performance of Formula 1 cars
New thermal capsule has been developed for cell phones
Arizona using thermal imaging cameras to combat wrong-way drivers
National Thermal Engineer Day celebrated on social media
Article describes the 11 myths about thermal design
Berkeley Lab leading multimillion-dollar geothermal energy project
Physicists turn crystal into electrical circuit with light
Researchers publish new ideas about particle motion at absolute zero
Chemists create laser-induced graphene from piece of wood
Research reveals new fundamental details about material design
White paper describes thermal modeling of EV battery in CFD
Berkeley Lab researchers discover semiconductor that beats the heat
Articles explore applications for vapor chambers in thermal management of electronics
Researchers develop heat conducting plastic that could lead to lighter electronics
Article describes how vapor-compression cooling works
Honduran student works on summer project 3-D printing tubes for heat exchangers
Article explains five easy steps for choosing a fan for electronic cooling
Arizona State researchers studying use of diamonds in electronics
Brunel University designing heat pipes for EU energy recovery project
Three combustion and thermal transport projects selected for study on ISS
Mentor announced first annual FloTHERM Award for thermal design
ATS designing heat sinks to cool QSFP optical transceivers
New process creates 2-D materials with dual-function capability
New optical method finds weak spots in jet engine thermal coatings
Article describes method for minimizing temperature drift in current measurement
Super-light composite possesses number of positive attributes
Algorithm incorporates heat, flow, and form optimization to design cooling solution
Indian researchers simulate water nanodroplets moving towards the heat
Simulations describe forces that move objects at the nanoscale level
Researchers develop technique for characterizing thermal property of 2-D material
Necklace is designed with proprietary liquid to cool wearers
Professor published review of the properties of strained 2-D materials
Thermal flaw detector being used in manufacture of Russian composite aircraft
Professor receives funding to research thermally conductive laser material
Energy storage company announces ramp up of battery pack production
Largest solar telescope gets thermal system to ensure its performance
Industry developments in thermal management of IGBT modules
Designs for largest data center in the world have been released
Research provides insight into atomic structure of next-gen superconductors
Researchers make step forward in storing data at molecular level
NUS researchers develop methods to study complex thermally activated events
New process developed to create self-supporting graphene membranes
UConn professor patents process for exfoliating graphene in pure form
Scientists demonstrate possibility of using different classes of semiconductors together
Article describes importance of numerical modeling and simulations in designing batteries
Scientists researching effective thermal conductivity of cable bedding materials
IBM team breaks thermal barrier in 3-D chip stacks with liquid cooling
Discussing the potential for thermoelectric technology in energy harvesting
Researchers receive funding to develop 3-D printed heat exchangers
Article explores the technology behind geothermal heating and cooling systems
New manufacturing process and chip design makes it easier to produce SiC devices
Facebook data center in Denmark to supply city with heat
Article explains the importance of managing heat in electronic devices
Embedded heat pipes improve thermal management in PCB
New simulation technology provides engineers with instant results
Scientists tweak thermoelectric voltage across atomic scale by mechanical force
New study gives picture of thermal conductivity in complex materials
What are the benefits of pin fin heat sinks in thermal management
Experiment measures thermal conductivity in warm dense matter regime
Scientists test cooling system that works without electricity
New 3-D printing process produces pure copper components
Study reveals new way to enhance or reduce adhesion of freezing droplets
Thermal imaging cameras providing boost to archaeological studies
3-D metal printing enables hypersonic propulsion breakthrough
Software turns mobile phones into thermal breathing monitors
National MagLab sets world record with water-cooled resistive magnet
Researchers receive ARPA-E funding to explore efficient power converters
Innovative cooling installation fights soaring temps in New Delhi
Companies using oceans to cool massive data centers around the world
coolingZONE introduces Cold Plate Supplier Directory
New type of quantum oscillations reported in graphene superlattices
Adding paraffin to concrete mix helps roads clear themselves in winter
Researchers create first material with shape memory behavior
New approach boosts performance in thermoelectric materials
Fabric-like electrode could improve battery efficiency and safety
Nanoparticles being added to windows to beat the summer heat
Researchers investigate coatings needed for concentrating solar power
Polymer film created that can transfer heat from batteries and processors
Interview outlines developments in copper plating for thermal management
Daydream View from Google uses magnesium heat pipes
Apple TV 4K breakdown reveals new cooling system for A10X processor
Professor receives grant to work on scaling up production of carbon nanotubes
Geothermal district cooling efforts spreading to U.K. city
Interview outlines cooling solution for SKA telescope project
Researchers demonstrate potential for electrically-heated textiles
Personal thermostat startup prepares to launch first line of wristbands
Intel creates 17-qubit superconducting test chip for quantum computing
Researchers create solar-powered devices out of wood to fight water scarcity
Researchers develop nanoporous membrane evaporator with high heat fluxes
Researchers build barrier against oxidation in 2-D materials
Researchers unexpectedly discover new theory of liquid streaming
With focused infrared laser, researchers fabricate 3-D silicon structures
Lightweight silver nanowire aerogel could boost electronics industry
Circuit design demonstrates possibility of wearable thermoelectric generators
White Paper outlines the use of nanofluids in electronics cooling
Self-powered data center campus opening outside of Milan
Israeli company producing coating that cools buildings in the sun
Researchers using graphene papers for personal thermal management
Rugged, portable charger can quick-charge smartphone up to 10 times
Article explores industry developments in cold chains for shipping
Microsoft offers solution for cooling your Raspberry Pi 3
Ceramic pump moves molten metal at record 1,400 degrees
Researchers create material that expands when heated to fill space
Scientists transform ambient heat into motion in nanoscale devices
New filter improves power plant water consumption for cooling
Article discusses the higher standard required of aerospace thermal design
New theory gives scientists greater control of properties of 2-D materials
White paper explores techniques for measuring thermal resistance of cold plates
Liquid metal used to create 2-D materials not found in nature
Researchers use microchannels to cool high-powered processors from underside
Glasgow researchers develop supercooled platform for detecting single photons
Passive solar windows provide extra heat during cold weather
Thermal management part of University of Toronto EV battery project
USC engineers develop material that could maintain satellite temperature
DOC defines finished heat sink exclusion in scope of AD/CVD Orders on Chinese extrusions
Article outlines different fluids that can be used with cold plates
New Zealand professors using 3-D printing to make heat exchangers
Purdue researchers solve four-phonon thermal conductivity obstacle
Swiss researchers create prototype of non-flammable sodium battery
Wrinkles enhance thermal conductivity of pillared graphene
New research uses magnet to generate electricity from heat
German researchers control heat transfer with nanostructures
European scientists detect fast-flowing heat in layered material heterostructures
New thermoelectric material developed with high power factor at room temp
Article examines thermal performance of microchannel cold plates
Novel intra-chip micro-cooling system developed for supercomputers
Brick filled with aerogel provides thermal insulation for buildings
Program seeks to break separation between data storage and processors
Article looks at thermal management challenges of solid-state relays
ADATA showcases unique cooling for Project Jellyfish at CES 2018
U.K. company using additive manufacturing to enhance heat exchangers
Article explores industry developments in thermal interface materials
Immersion cooling at chassis level proves effective in NREL tests
Chameleon-like material could be key to next-gen computers
Quantum sensor size of a nitrogen atom to investigate hard drives
Physicists have cooled a nanoelectronics chip to lower than 3 millikelvin
White paper examines thermal management challenges in IoT
Topological materials could boost efficiency of thermoelectric devices
Fujitsu Labs announce development of highly conductive carbon nanotube sheet
New method developed to study thermodynamics of hot melts
Article explains how to achieve localized cooling with cold plates
Study shows fluid-like heat flow in solid semiconductor at nanoscale
NREL studies impact of plug-in electric vehicles on U.S. energy grid
Atos building fastest supercomputer in Germany to study the human brain
Thermal expert among more than 150 honored as 2017 NAI Fellows
IceBrick introduced as first modular thermal energy storage cell
Hybrid truck boasts novel air-cooled motor-generator system
Lighting the Super Bowl with LED requires thermal solution
Gallium nitride becoming affordable option for networking solutions
Article explains importance of thermal management in POL converters
Scientists create electron-hole liquid at room temperature
Climate chamber allows for environmental testing in the lab
Thermal infrared solution makes it possible for 360-degree view with single sensor
New methods could make spintronic devices more applicable
Flexible, water-repellent graphene circuits developed for washable electronics
Simulation methods to give scientists greater predictive power of material properties
Researchers measure the temperature of 2-D materials at atomic level
Nanostructure of silk fibers could lead to better understanding of heat transfer
Thermal blankets could be used to melt piled snow quickly
New public-key encryption chip reduces power consumption in IoT
Professor receives NSF CAREER award to study multiscale phonon transport
Thermal simulation tools help engineers with faster analysis of product designs
Accounting for thermal management of Wi-Fi front-end designs
New thermal management system for railway car hybrid battery put to the test
Immersion cooling system could be used for next-gen EV batteries
Engineer describes design for oil-cooled crypto-currency miner
Technology could be a step forward in building quantum computers
Researchers reveal single-digit-nanometer magnetic tunnel junctions
Scientists create insulating aerogel from cotton waste
Researchers develop architecture for vaporizable electronics
Researchers discover a hidden state of electronic order in layered material
Harnessing background room heat to create thermoelectric energy
Technology uses daily temperature swings to produce electricity
Pencil and paper used to convert heat into electricity
Modeling and simulations could improve battery life and performance
Graphene-based photonic devices show future of Datacom at Mobile World Congress
ARM processors expected to beat the heat and add performance to Samsung DeX
IBM designs energy-saving optical receiver with record transmission rates
Researchers attempt to mimic space conditions in the lab
New computer model shows why sticky tape makes graphene
Hi-res thermal imaging cameras now available for your smartphone
Dell laptop using cooling system found on Mars Rover
Lasers could be the next big breakthrough in wireless charging
Rotated at a perfect angle graphene can be an insulator or superconductor
Researchers create two-in-one power source with solar-powered transistor
New solar reactor uses thermal energy storage to run day or night
Researchers create predictable patterns from unpredictable carbon nanotubes
Scientists provide insights into the mechanical properties of crystalline solids
New sensor technology shows batteries can be charged five times faster than current limits
Research reveals details about heat carriers in amorphous polymers
Thermal insulator made from nanowood to boost efficiency of building materials
Lighter, simpler cooling system promises more efficient hybrid vehicle batteries
High-performance computing in the harsh conditions of space
Russian technological initiative supports research into two-phase heat transfer devices
System for cooling high-performance computing gets look from Sandia and NREL
ZTE makes splash with server immersion cooling demonstration
Thermoelectric assemblies provide another option for electronics cooling
Nanodiamonds used to boost thermal properties of 3-D printed polymers
Gaps between layers of 2-D materials used to separate atoms at room temp
Researchers create molecules in never-before-seen, complex structures
Advances made in production of nanoparticles using plasma-based synthesis
Scientists creating smaller nanoparticles have overcome thermal quenching
Physicists discover new quantum electronic material, kagome metal
Study looks into the physics-defying quantum properties of HOIP materials
Improved fabrication methods developed for nano-structures for electronics
Researchers develop method for switching heat on and off in electronics
Wide-bandgap materials require innovative thermal management techniques
ATS Case Study: Thermal Management in Medical Diagnostic Equipment
ATS Case Study: Thermal Management in Medical Diagnostic Equipment
Artificial blubber from MIT protects divers in frigid water
Exploring the performance of nanomaterials in the extremes of space
Innovative baffles keep electronics cool on NASA space telescope
Lenovo, EVGA, and Facebook roll out new liquid cooling solutions
Oak Ridge Lab, IBM, and Nvidia unveil Summit, most powerful scientific supercomputer
ACT announces new patent for heat pipe assembly to cool satellites
Do imperfections in phase-change material impact thermal performance
Imec unveils 3-D printed impingement cooling solution for high-powered chips
Researchers building blueprint for fabricating next-gen 2-D nanomaterials
Researchers observe anisotropic magneto-Peltier effect for the first time
Researchers develop cloaking material that hides people from infrared cameras
Study finds that water-repellent surfaces can boil water to cool electronics
New dynamics revealed for wickless heat pipes in microgravity environments
Graphene assembled film demonstrates higher thermal conductivity than graphite
Could holey silicon be a breakthrough in electronics cooling
Thanks to European researchers, electronics fashion is on the horizon
New heat pump technology provides more affordable cooling for buildings
Report indicates that global energy consumption will skyrocket due to cooling needs
UAB researchers double contract with NASA to create cold-stowage technology
Article explores recent industry developments in thermal imaging cameras
Pushing boundaries of space exploration with small-scale nuclear power systems
Solar towers used to test composite material response in extreme heat
Innovative heat shield installed on NASA Parker Solar Probe
Graphene photodetector from UCLA enhances thermal imaging performance
High-powered thermoelectric generator could advance IoT, wearables technology
Researchers develop bulk boron arsenide crystals with high thermal conductivity
Research explores thermal capabilities of new ionic liquid-based nanofluids
Thermally-conductive crystals could be used to keep computers cool
UCLA researchers set new thermal conductivity benchmark with boron arsenide crystals
Researchers create lightweight, flexible polymer with high thermal conductivity
Research supports Einstein theorem about how heat moves through solids
Novel wireless iPhone charger ditches LED and charges at max rates
Users reporting that new i9 MacBook throttling speeds from excessive heat
Sales increasing for innovative Australian solar thermal imaging security cameras
Student using computer modeling to dissipate heat from aerospace electronics
Article looks at bitcoin mining from a thermal management perspective
Research into calorimeters is improving thermal management of batteries
KULR Technology bringing carbon-fiber technology from NASA to drone racing
U.K. creating service to provide missing link for industrialization of graphene
Tiny crater in glass creates a material that could miniaturize telecom devices
Wallpaper patterns lead to new insulating material with metallic surface
New research demonstrates why nanomaterial loses superconductivity
Combining borophene into new crystal formations creates new properties
Researchers develop safe rechargeable zinc-ion battery thanks to new electrolyte
Study finds that folding graphene enhances its mechanical performance
New fabrication method means future electronics could be printed like papers
What are effect of vacuum and fill ratio on thermal performance of heat pipes
GM brings back classic name for new, fuel-efficient engine
Could vacuum-insulated tubing improve efficiency of borehole heat exchangers
U.K. partnership seeks to improve battery storage systems for heavy-duty vehicles
Stanford professor receives inaugural Richard Chu ITherm Award
New Tesla patent highlights attempts to make battery pack systems safer
New rugged computer adds thermal imaging camera for industrial applications
Students use 3-D printing to design thermoelectric wearable health monitoring devices
Cold electron transistor design receives patent, could boost computer cooling
Rare earth compound demonstrates unusual properties, could lead to new class of materials
Superflexible aerogels are highly-efficient absorbents, thermal insulators and pressure sensors
Simple and versatile strategy proposed for preparing carbon nanomaterials
New research demonstrates high-res imaging of nanostructure surfaces is possible
Simulations reveal key principles for developing next-gen carbon fibers
How can thermocouples be designed for accurate measurement at microscale
UIC researchers demonstrate novel method for cooling hotspots in electronics
Supersolder boasts twice the thermal conductivity of conventional solders
Researchers use polymeric hollow fibers to build heat exchange device for home energy needs
Researchers turn beer waste into energy-efficient, transparent gel for windows
Video shows oil immersion method for keeping Raspberry Pi cool under heavy loads
Thermal concerns for EV batteries on the mind ahead of September conference
3-D printed heat exchanger technology gets green light from NASA
New rechargeable battery design could double output of lithium-ion cells
Galaxy Note 9 using carbon-fiber heat pipes to improve performance
Google tuns data center cooling over to AI to reduce energy usage by 40 percent
Study demonstrates that combustion possible in a highly-vacuumed environment
Researchers use metallic-magnetic model to analyze heat transport at the nanoscale
Another research group announces creation of bulk boron-nitride with high thermal conductivity
Hydrogel modification opens the door to highly stretchable and transparent electronics
Nano-electronic phase transitions in nickelates can be controlled by laser light
New theoretical framework developed to determine accuracy of nanoscale thermometers
Calculating and optimizing heat sink base spreading resistance for better thermal performance
Squid-based biomaterials engineered to tune thermal conductivity as humidity rises
Tests of leaked Intel Core i7-9700K chips show impressive benchmarks with liquid cooling
New study investigating properties of hybrid organic-inorganic semiconductors
German overclocker creates intense new liquid cooling system for Epyc server
Chinese company releases new 18-terahash liquid-cooled bitcoin mining rig
Environmentally-friendly and efficient heat pump designed to reduce energy costs
Space station researchers studying the complicated movement of fluids in space
Microsoft patents thermal docking system for mobile computing devices
New video explains process for embedding heat pipes into assemblies for cooling applications
Researchers fabricate cathode thick film that could lead to safe solid-state batteries
New laser technique binds aluminum with plastic for stronger, lightweight injection molded parts
Novel technique developed for creating bio-based, transparent, thermally-stable polyamide
Electrons can be tied down by graphene nanoribbons for use in quantum applications
New shape-changing, 3-D printed material stores energy like the grip of an eagle
Researchers use ultra-cold lithium atoms to prove 50-year-old theory about 1-D electronics
Liquid crystal surface thermography provides precision temperature mapping
Researchers used novel technique to 3-D print high-resolution graphene objects
Lithos Energy announces release of newest generation of liquid-cooled battery packs
Report highlights use of polycarbonate heat sinks as sustainable solutions for LED
Researchers merge antenna and electronics into single design to reduce waste heat
Lego-style solar panels turn waste heat into hot water to reduce home energy costs
Covestro offers polycarbonate battery housings to improve efficiency of electric vehicles
Researchers develop device for studying thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries
New, giant Facebook data center in Singapore to utilize novel liquid cooling system
Fujitsu announces release of new liquid immersion cooling system in Japan
Chip-sized Smart Mirror created to help manufacturers measure laser power in real time
New study demonstrates a novel catalyst for high-energy, aluminum-airflow batteries
Researchers model crystal behavior to better explain principles of self-organization
Power of vibrations can heat tiny amounts of liquid, could lead to novel devices
Researchers present enhancement to condensation heat transfer with mesh-covered surface
Researchers develop a cooling cycle using magnetic memory of special alloys
Heat flow between nanoscale objects significantly higher than predicted by radiation theory
Nano-sandwiching 2-D materials enhances heat transfer to prevent overheating in nanoelectronics
Russian researchers demonstrate autothermal pyrolysis to enhance biofuel viability
Researchers awarded $2 million to reimagine energy storage options for the U.S. power grid
Article provides steps for building an eight-bit thermal imaging camera
Plug Power announces production of membrane electrode assemblies for fuel cells
Researcher describes project for recovering waste heat in energy-intensive industrial processes
Siemens releases new thermal simulation tool to address electric vehicle design challenges
Reviewing the latest industry developments in cabinet cooling technology
Continental to present thermal management system that enhances electric vehicle performance
Researchers explore microscopic structures of black holes through lens of thermodynamics
Researchers develop new method for measuring the state of qubits for quantum computing
Researchers developed thin GaN on SiC high-power and high-frequency electronics
New research reveals details about the mechanical properties of polymer nanoparticles
Army researching new thermal imaging technology to guide soldiers in complete darkness
Chemical engineers functionalize boron nitride within nanosystems to improve performance
Engineers use polymer coating on building exteriors to enhance passive daytime radiative cooling
Novel concept for cooling boiling surfaces could prevent nuclear power plant accidents
Article highlights changes in LED packaging that lead to smaller form-factor designs
Universities partner on research facility with the goal of enhancing functionality of IoT applications
EU researchers demonstrate new climate control system to extend range of electric vehicles
MIT established $1 billion commitment to address the challenges presented by the rise of AI
Article explores one of the oldest unsolved problems in physics - fluid turbulence
Army researcher named Woman Engineer of the Year by ASME Packaging and Photonics Division
Article explores developments in the thermal management of electric vehicle batteries
New, massive HPC system in Houston will include 40,000 servers immersed in coolant
Chemists discover hidden gapless states on the path to semiconductor nanocrystals
Researchers use laser pulses to trigger and detail light-induced phase changes
Researchers posit theory that explains the anomalies in low-temperature superconductors
New type of electronic noise could be used to measure temperature difference at nano-scale
Device uses graphene plasmons to convert light into electrical signals at room temperature
Adding nanoparticles to a polymer matrix enhances its thermo-mechanical properties
Researchers study the impact of gravity on liquid flow and evaporation in two-layer systems
Researchers create self-healing ion gels that could be the future of flexible electronics
Article outlines how thermal imaging is used in automotive testing applications
Three Chinese teams competing to build the fastest supercomputer in the world
Evoke testing new electric motorcycle batteries for faster charging and greater range
Porsche engineers new, fast-charging electric pit stop to make electromobility cost-effective
Industry giant De Beers looking towards electronics applications for synthetic diamonds
Innolith announces non-flammable battery with inorganic electrolyte for grid-scale storage
Researchers study evolution of alloy emissivity over time in high-temperature nuclear reactors
German institutions establish NADINE for studying power-plant-level thermal energy storage
New thermal imaging devices could enable autonomous vehicles to see through rain and fog
Researchers provide a quantitative understanding of lattice thermal conductivity
Researchers develop method to produce defect-less metal crystals at unprecedented sizes
Study details how addition of graphene to fluid enhances nanofluid thermal conductivity
Mussel-inspired reinforcement of graphene fibers produces enhanced mechanical properties
Researchers create composite material that cools itself even under extreme temperatures
New material and manufacturing process to turn solar thermal energy into renewable electricity
Engineers design novel thermal regulator to keep lithium-ion batteries at optimal temperatures
DARPA research project explores integrating optical signaling at the chip-level
Mechanical engineers forging a new frontier for thermal transport in nanoelectronics
University researchers join forces at workshop to explore the future of electronics
European research project looking at reusing waste heat to boost electric vehicle range
MIT researchers create transparent film that blocks 70 percent of incoming solar heat
Researchers developing passive cooling solutions to improve efficiency of light electric vehicles
Engineers from SolarX produce mobile, solar-powered refrigeration/air conditioning system
Do more efficient heat sinks have to be costlier - rethinking thermal design from system perspective
Researchers design eco-friendly system that uses water to store electrical and thermal energy
Modifying Kevlar sheets with copper-nickel nanowires leads to wearable heating pad
Researchers use ZnO nanowires to develop transparent thermoelectric films for energy recovery
MIT researchers create flexible semiconducting films from materials that outperform silicon
Researchers have developed the first ultralight aerogel made from recycled plastics
Small tweaks to edges of graphene nanoribbons have significant impact on thermal conductivity
Researchers develop novel approach to overcome condensation issues in omniphobic materials
Engineers design ultrathin and ultralight nanocardboard that acts as thermal insulator
Ski jacket removes sweat at the push of a button thanks to user-controlled membrane
Australian company brings liquid-cooled fast chargers for electric vehicles to Europe
Rumors starting about new Intel 10-core Comet Lake-S processors with 10 cores on 14 nm die
Researchers get $1.6 million to work on solar cell windows and high-temp solar power
Article outlines the key components for building an optimized liquid cooling solution for HPC
Thermal engineering expert expected to be appointed to prestigious National Science Board
Ohio Supercomputer Center implementing new cluster with direct liquid-cooled servers
Researchers turning to cold neutrons to enhance performance of thermoelectric materials
Researchers demonstrate for first time that graphene enables clock rates in terahertz range
Researchers develop easier method for growing post-graphene 2-D materials for electronics
Project develops adsorption heat pump tech to reduce cost of building energy consumption
Researchers working towards low-power thermoelectric generators to charge wearables
Porous, metal-organic frameworks to provide foundation for measuring temps at molecular level
Process allows for 3-D printing of Kapton, material with desirable electrical and thermal properties
Researchers develop nanoscale thermal transistor to conduct heat away from electronics components
Researchers develop method for attaching heat sink without need for thermal interface materials
Report indicates that U.S. is falling behind in quest to build practical quantum computer
New U.K. partnerships continue progress towards the commercialization of graphene
New Snapdragon 855 mobile platform designed to meet demands of 5G, AI and XR at once
EV startup Rivian reveals first all-electric truck and SUV at the L.A. Auto Show
Researchers looking information on cooling smartphones under heavy sensor processing loads
Reports indicate that new Nissan Leaf to debut without liquid cooling for battery
How can high-powered CPUs on dense server boards be effectively air-cooled
New passive air-cooling solution for servers reduces cooling energy by 90 percent with no water
KIT researchers study competing states in high-temperature superconductors
Researchers design thermal energy storage device that uses molten silicon in insulated tanks
X-Ray imaging technique could control magnetic structure of materials for next-gen electronics
Researchers show possibility of supercomputers without waste heat, reducing power consumption
Researchers design passive cooling system that could provide refrigeration for off-grid locations
New material switches from conductor of electricity to insulator without altering atomic structure
Researchers modify semiconductors at atomic level to produce smallest 3-D transistors
Scientists devise new strategy for improving heat transfer efficiency of condensers
Updated reports give clearer picture of Rivian EV battery design and thermal management
Researchers want to reduce energy consumption with high-tech heating patches in clothing
New DARPA program seeking thermal management solutions for hypersonic vehicles
Technology review of recent data center and high-density computer cooling innovations
Article explains process for creating prototype refrigerator powered by solar heat
Scientists working to create better high-temp superconductors from ceramic copper oxides
Nokia announces liquid-cooled base station that is heating a Finnish apartment
Researchers assess the viability of gallium oxide as an ultrawide bandgap semiconductor
Researchers discover how to precisely tune graphene properties at the atomic level
Researchers manipulate electrons to create electronic roadways in bilayer graphene
Researchers create method for producing nanoscale versions of 3-D structures
Research team explains thermal transport between ferromagnetic metals and a semiconductor
Room temperature switching in ultrathin material could lead to topological transistors
Ultra-fast camera system enables scientists to visualize interactions between electrons
Scientists develop phase-change materials triggered by light for thermal energy storage
Scientists develop cost-effective, highly-efficient, flexible thermoelectric generator module
Article describes innovative cooling solution that enabled shrinking of buck regulator
Innovative magnets being used in new energy-recovery accelerator being built at Cornell
College produces record number of payloads for the International Space Station
EXAIR cabinet cooling solutions ended summer shutdowns for Ohio metal manufacturer
Low-profile thermal solutions required for high-density boards in electronics systems
Details emerge about battery thermal management on new Hyundai Kona EV
CTA announces that tech consumer revenue will be just shy of $400 billion in 2019
Huawei reveals Kunpeng 920, next-generation ARM-based CPU designed for servers
Researchers use new tools to create phase diagram of high-temperature superconductor
Researchers demonstrate that electron spin is key to high-temperature superconductivity
High-energy X-ray beams reveals secrets of reactions that lead to nanoscale crystal formation
Researchers create graphene-based terahertz detector, potential for use in wireless data transfer
After two decades of research, scientists create the first laser-cooled neutral plasma
MIT advancing research into spintronic memory devices with new process to make skyrmions
Researchers develop method to control excitons and use them in energy-efficient electronics
Scientists demonstrate first 3-D, atomic-scale, silicon quantum chip architecture
Researchers create silicone polymer coating that is capable of repelling ice from any surface
Samsung patents innovative system that uses audio devices to cool electronic devices
Researcher talks about use of computer vision to ensure integrity of integrated circuits
European researchers continue to find new aerospace applications for graphene
Army researchers patent next-gen power modules for high-voltage electronics
Researchers studying new semi-metallic materials that could enhance computer chips
IBM Research unveils first integrated quantum system at CES 2019 and offers Cloud access
Research project exploring new materials to push boundaries of silicon-based electronics
New research sheds light on the electrical properties of intensely studied material
Researchers demonstrate method for tuning quantum materials for superconductivity
New metal deposition technique could be breakthrough in creating smart fabrics
Researchers capture image of negative capacitance in action, could boost efficient electronics
Researchers create accurate method for finding defects in the latest SiC transistors
Researchers discover new class of thermoelectric material with record performance
New technology controls near-field thermal radiation using multilayered nanostructures
Scientists create first on-chip optical link to connect two parts of electronics chip
U.K. university demonstrates sustainable hybrid heating system that uses off-peak electricity
U.K. university receives grant funding to continue study into controlling liquid droplets
DesignCon 2019 announces winner of prestigious Engineer of the Year award
Project TOCHA to use properties of topological materials to enhance next-gen electronics
Japanese plastics company releases new polyamide resin for thermal management applications
Researchers use flexible 2-D materials to build device that converts Wi-Fi signals to electricity
New research center dedicated to building the future of electronics packaging in the U.S.
Researchers develop novel process for 3-D printing custom-designed piezoelectric materials
Scientists theorize that clever timing for computers can reduce heat below Landauer limit
Researchers create new map to determine materials with negative thermal expansion
New computational algorithm seeks to reduce electromagnetic noise in electronic circuits
New fabrication technique for 2-D crystalline materials could boost next-gen flexible electronics
Tweaking component ratios creates electrically-different layers for transparent transistors
Researchers develop greater understanding of electrical conductivity in organic semiconductors
Faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient modulator could be breakthrough for 5G communications
Researchers make breakthrough in building high-quality, high-volume, and low-cost nanochips
NASA instrument lands on Mars ready to measure the temperature of the planet
New fabric automatically cools or insulates depending on environmental conditions
3M engineer demonstrates in videos a compact system with CPU submerged in liquid
European research projects pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging technology
Researchers utilize heat pipe technology to improve next-generation kilns for ceramics industry
Novel directly-cooled, electric vehicle motor design enables polymers to be used in housing
Wind tunnels custom designed to support SSD and PCIe thermal characterization
UCLA researchers use nanotechnology to weld previously un-weldable aluminum alloy
Researchers combine laser-induced graphene with other materials to form composites
Researchers developing new eco-friendly manufacturing process for sustainable electronics
Researchers create thermoelectric device from cellulose to convert waste heat into electricity
Physicists create the first electron liquid at room temperature, paving way for more study
Researchers unlock secrets behind heat transport in black phosphorous nanoribbons
Strain engineering can be used to change the thermal properties of semiconductor materials
Researchers create new material for supercapacitors with more than double the energy density
Running an LED in reverse could be new solid-state cooling technology for microprocessors
Geothermal drilling project gets underway in Boston to cool new BU science building
Japanese startup testing an experimental, solid-state battery on the moon by 2021
Recent materials science research seeks to reduce thermal resistance between die and package
Technology review highlights recent patents for next-gen thermal interface materials
University selected to lead million-dollar project to advance additive manufacturing processes
Article explores the benefits of using tubed or submerged-fin cold plates in electronics cooling
UVA and Rolls-Royce partner to enhance efficiency of jet engines through thermoelectric materials
imec unveils new microfluidic, microchannel heat sink for high-performance chip cooling
Quantum model for achieving ground-state cooling demonstrated using nitrogen vacancy centers
Scientists demonstrate that electrically-heated silicate glass defies long accepted law in physics
Thermally-painted metasurfaces produce perfect light absorbers for high-tech applications
Researchers describe unusual ways that material conducts heat when compressed
Researchers make breakthrough that could lead to nanoelectronics based on graphene
Researchers develop new material that is thermal insulator but conducts electricity
Researchers develop method for standardizing production of nanowires on silicon semiconductors
Scientists create ultra-lightweight ceramic aerogel that can withstand extreme temperatures
Engineers develop, inexpensive smart stop sign to improve driver safety on rural roads
Article explores recent research into next-gen heat exchangers for electronics cooling
U.K. company producing graphene sheets at scales large enough for commercial electronics
Ultrafast lasers allow scientists to weld glass and metal together in new manufacturing process
New liquid cooling solutions for servers debut at Open Compute Project Summit
Analysts report that gallium oxide could be cost-effective material for future power electronics
Researchers use artificial muscles to build prototype of an air conditioner for the future
Research team builds thermoelectric device that uses body heat to produce electricity
Scientists use hydrogels and solar power to produce moisture harvester for clean water
Scientists observe water droplets heating up and moving on the dayside of the Moon
Researchers reveal that aligned layers of 2-D semiconductors can turn into quantum machines
Researchers develop new method for synthesizing nanographene on metal oxides
Researchers develop new thermal energy storage solution for industrial processes
Scientists make breakthrough that could make infrared cameras more cost-effective
Light is used as a switch to control the thermal conductivity of novel polymers
Evidence discovered of heat moving through graphite the way sound moves through air
Advanced engineering software could beat the brain when designing thermal solutions
New theory proposed for engineering self-assembled materials from nanoparticles
Indian researchers demonstrate magnetic graphene, potentially for next-gen electronics
Webinar highlights importance of and techniques for maintaining EV battery temperature
Article presents updated equations for designing thermoelectric coolers
Heat exchanger manufacturer releases two new products for converting waste heat
Exploring immersion cooling technologies for high-powered servers in data centers
Australian company describes a novel approach to LED thermal management
Scientists turn to machine learning to model new material structures for organic electronics
Supercomputer simulations reveal precise molecular mechanisms that cause droplets to combine
Researchers discover new process for developing 2-D borophene using a gold bath
Silicon-graphene photonic device engineered to enable faster communications
Quantum dots could be the future for advanced electronics based on new measurements
Researchers discover method for simplifying electronics through material with dual role
Scientists create an organic transistor that works with both low and high currents
Scientists create new ultra-sensitive heat sensor with thermoelectric polymer mixture
Researchers create transparent wood that stores and releases heat for potential energy savings
New study explores the heat transfer mechanisms behind boiling water to prevent boiling crisis
Researchers design Blue, a low-cost, human-friendly robot designed for AI applications
Microsoft holding off on a switch to liquid cooling for its Azure servers
Clarkson professor named a fellow of the American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers
DOE announces $36 million in funding for high-temperature materials projects
TSMC announces first complete design infrastructure for 5 nm process technology
Detailing the impact of a novel air jet impingement design for cooling a 1U system
Scientists discover how to keep water from freezing even at extreme sub-zero temps
Visual and thermal properties of novel polymer material designed separately
Researchers add new insights to one of the foundational texts in fluid mechanics
Individual, flexible 2-D nanoribbons of crystalline phosphorous created for the first time
Researchers discover golden path to novel 2-D semiconductors for future electronics
Graphene coating could be the key to preventing battery fires resulting from thermal runaway
High adsorption levels reported with metal-organic framework and common refrigerant
Nanowire-based thermochromic liquid darkens considerably when temperatures rise
Researchers develop model to understand interaction between water and 2-D material
Researcher receives DOE funding for the development of aerogel insulation
NC State student earns Lemelson-MIT prize for work with high-temperature superconductors
Mechanical engineering professors receive National Science Foundation CAREER awards
Article and video explain how to remove thermal interface materials from heat sinks
Reports indicate Apple has invented a new thermal system for electric vehicles
New materials and cooling system used in CERN superconducting electrical transmission line
Ultra-performance and highly-efficient heat exchangers fabricated with 3-D printing
Researchers transform wood into flexible, thermoelectric membrane that generates ionic voltage
New liquid-metal mixture combines flexibility with high electrical conductivity
Researchers tailoring atomically-thin materials that could be foundations for future electronics
Engineers transmit data with a semiconductor laser, pave way for ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi
Researchers use carbon nanotube templates to build 1-D nanowires of transition metals
Scientists discover that superinjection is possible in semiconductor structures made of one material
Device appears to break rules, passively allows heat to flow from cold to warm object
Study demonstrates the potential for mechanically-stressed carbon nanotubes to cool electronics
New, adaptive space blanket that controls body temperature based on the skins of squids
New self-healing, polymer-based cement could be boost to growing geothermal industry
Rolls-Royce unveils hybrid power system with advanced thermal management for laser weapons
Environmentally friendly, plant-based alternative to Styrofoam developed for insulation
Company producing textile-based undercovers for thermal management of EV batteries
DOE and Cray announce partnership to build record-setting Frontier supercomputer
University program working to commercialize microscale liquid cooling technology
What is the thermal performance of heat sinks with heat pipes in server cooling applications
New, more efficient method discovered for controlling magnetic circuits without electric currents
U.K. researchers show high thermal conductivity of ultra-pure hexagonal boron nitride
Physicists studying material that could make computer memory faster and cheaper
Researchers studying new ways of controlling thermal radiation at the nanoscale
Physicists demonstrate new, powerful quantum optical cooling of isolated nanoparticles
New laser technique allows researchers to visualize dangerous hotspots in batteries
Under pressure, thermoelectric properties of tin selenide displayed at room temperature
Researchers create new polymer films that conduct heat rather than insulate against it
High schooler creates clothing that turns sweat into electricity for active cooling
Exploring developments in extruded heat sinks for electronics cooling applications
Researchers develop high-res, high-sensitivity proximity capacitance imaging sensor
Company introduces innovative method for cooling PV modules to increase efficiency
Engineers design cooling and heating patch that acts as personal thermostat
Grant given for development of additive manufacturing process for high-temp heat exchangers
Graphene thermal management solutions being tested in zero-gravity for space applications
Sandvik creates the first 3-D printed diamond composite for variety of potential applications
Researchers turn to phase-change materials to reduce reliance on air conditioning
Applying strain to 2-D materials could enable new properties and new applications
Researchers design thermomechanical device that detects radiation in the terahertz range
Arranging nanowires into bent configurations improves durability in electronics applications
New sensor works with electronic skin and reacts to changes in light, heat, and touch
Flexible nanocomposite demonstrates high strength and high thermal conductivity
Surface treatment promotes droplet formation and enhances refrigeration efficiency
Fabrication process builds nearly ideal transistors from stacks of 2-D materials
Another researcher turning to additive manufacturing to build thermal management tools
German startup developing a magnetic cooling system for use in extremely low temps
Metals that are as light as air, researchers build ultra-low-density metal foams
Physicists uses bunches of electrons to cool beams of particles, opening new research possibilities
Additive manufacturing changing the way that engineers approach heat exchangers
Summer program created for undergrads interested in learning about thermal management
Professor receives prestigious Heat Transfer Memorial Award from ASME
Companies team up to create innovative compact CPU cooler with additive manufacturing
New wood technology passively cools without the need for electricity or added polymers
Scientists use polar bear hair as template for building new thermal insulating material
Laser-induced graphene used in nanogenerators that could power future wearables
Laser technique stresses graphene and unlocks electrical conductivity in material
Researchers develop soft, flexible polymer composites with enhanced thermal properties
Concept developed for superconducting quantum fridge to cool atoms to nearly absolute zero
Scientists set record for high-temperature superconductor, 50 degrees higher than previous
Researchers present unified theory on heat transfer that could enhance thermoelectric materials


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