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coolingzone newsletter for march 28, 2013 march 28, 2013
top stories
how to apply the fourier series solution in thermal analysis
a fourier series solution for temperature distribution on convection cooled plates
does a graphics card performance rise with its price?
a head to head evaluation in search of the best pc graphics card for pc gaming
what is thermal resistance and how is it practically applied?
the different types of thermal resistance and how they work together in thermal analysis
ats applies patented maxiflow technology to dc-dc converters
new heat sinks increase dc-dc converter thermal performance up to 200%
product news
ekwb releases water blocks for geforce gtx titan
ek water blocks, ljubljana based premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to officially introduce two additional ek-fc titan water blocks to...
on semiconductor introduces low power, high efficiency dc-dc converter optimized for low load efficiency
on semiconductor has introduced the lv5980mc, a 3 ampere (a) step down dc-dc converter integrated circuit (ic) that improves conversion efficiency at...
oakton instruments features their temp 9000 standard benchtop temperature controllers
oakton features the temp 9000 standard benchtop temperature controller. the instrument may be used for a wide variety of applications including...
maximum flexibility with the new wahl dst400 series digi-stem industrial thermometer
wahl instruments, inc. announces the addition of the new dst400 industrial thermocouple thermometer to its line of digi-stem digital thermometers. ...
luso electronics adds innovative 'golf ball dimple' cooling fans from zaward to its product portfolio
three families of products, the golf fan g1, g2 and g3, implement the same design concept - patented by zaward - which is based on the dimpled...
eic solutions has developed a new, industry leading advanced circuitry for thermoelectric air conditioners
eic solutions, inc., a leading manufacturer of thermoelectric air conditioners, electronic enclosures and transit cases, has advanced the circuitry...
sanyo denki introduces industry's quietest, most energy-saving 80mm 80mm 25 mm low noise, low power consumption fan
sanyo denki co., ltd. has developed and introduced the 80mm, 80mm, 25 mm low noise, low power consumption fan "san ace 80" ga type. this...
mechatronix launches iceled modular active led cooling
the iceled modular active led cooler was specifically developed for spot, down lights and high bays from 2000 to 8.000 lumen (20 to 100w cooling). ...
ebm-pabst dv 6300 is 2013 product of the year
the fifteenth "product of the year" was presented on march 14, 2013, and ebm-papst achieved first place with the high-performance dv 6300...
new heat sinks drastically increase the thermal performance of dc-dc converters
advanced thermal solutions, inc. ("ats") has launched a new product line of maxiflow heat sinks, specifically designed for cooling standard...
technology corner
liquid or air cooling at the start of your design? a coolingzone poll
our latest poll asks the simple question of if you had a choice between liquid cooling and air cooled thermal management solutions, at the very start...
harvesting unused energy with flat thermoelectrics []
a large proportion of the energy we produce disappears unused into thin air via waste heat. tiny thermoelectric generators can tap this potential
keep your cool: rack-first data center design [data center journal]
stop designing your data center cooling around the building, start at the server rack out
caltech engineers build electronic chips that repair themselves []
imagine that the chips in your smart phone or computer could repair and defend themselves on the fly, recovering in microseconds from a variety of...
quantum refrigerator offers extreme cooling and convenience [r&d magazine]
researchers at the national institute of standards and technology (nist) have demonstrated a solid-state refrigerator that uses quantum physics in...
engineering how to
how to create your own power estimate for a component based on your temperature measurements
when you have nothing better, it is perfectly reasonable to come up with your own power estimate for a component based on your temperature...
how to measure air velocity using thermistors
traditional methods of air velocity measurement use either a hot-wire anemometer or vane anemometer. this article introduces multipoint air velocity...
the 5 basic steps when designing for a cooling fan
this application notes discusses several areas of importance in determining the correct fan or blower for any specific application

conferences & webinars
world conferences on experimental heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics (portugal, lisbon | 6-16-2013)
the goal of this conference is to provide a forum for the exposure and exchange of ideas, methods and results in heat transfer, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (usa, mn | 7-14-2013)
july 14 - july 19 2013 minneapolis minnesota asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference, 7th international conference on energy sustainability, and 11th fuel cell science, engineering and technology conference (htesfuelcell2013)
advancements in thermal management (usa, co | 8-15-2013)
the conference is designed for design engineers, system engineers, process engineers, material scientists and engineers, ctos and r&d managers with organizations in industries and markets whose products, operations and services depend upon sophisticated and precise control of thermal properties and states.
nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop
tfaws is an annual training and professional development workshop designed to encourage knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking throughout the thermal and fluids engineering community within nasa and the aerospace community at large.
coolingzone 13, international business and technology summit (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
coolingzone summit gathers together world re-known experts in thermal management to share their latest developments and research, and discuss emerging technologies for advanced cooling of electronic systems.
editor's corner
led lights shown to brighten up environmental picture
led light bulbs have a slight environmental edge on compact fluorescent bulbs and both trump traditional incandescent bulbs by a wide margin, the pacific northwest national laboratory says in a new report. in fact, the figures are down right astounding, with led showing a a 92.3% reduced impact on global warming and ozone depleting potential 98% less vs incandescent. figures like these mean that their wider spread adoption can only help our planet. our readers can see the summary article on this study at oregon live or read the full study by clicking to the u.s. department energy lab study.

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