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coolingzone technical newsletter september 15, 2015
top stories
dr. rahul mulinti, ph.d., to speak on heat pipes
at coolingzone 2015 heat pipe selection, bending and application strategies
what is the effective thermal conductivity of a heat pipe?
this a question engineers often ask, and there are two vectors you need for the answer
dr. matthew inman, ph.d. teaches how to design a heat sink [video]
a analytical approach on how to design a heat sink including material types and fin space optimization [video]
coolingzone-15 summit conference program announced
the coolingzone 2015 thermal management summit has announced their conference program and schedule of speakers
coolingzone 2015 thermal management econference
be among the next 50 registrants to coolingzone 2015 and get a change to win a fitbit!
register now, from 8/27 to 9/27 and you'll be enetered into a drawing for a fitbit charge hr! coolingzone 2015 wants your health to improve as...
coolingzone 2015 features individual webinars
coolingzone 2015 econference can be seen one live webinar at a time or all of the live webinars, click the link to learn more
product & industry news
push pin heat sink line features 108,000 possible configurations, 3 different geometries, brass and plastic push pins
with 108,000 possible configurations, advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) now provides the widest choice of push pin-mounted heat sinks for...
crtech announces the release of version 5.8 with compartments, ports, reducers and expanders, and the model kicker
version 5.8 is now available for sinda/fluint, thermal desktop, radcad, flocad, td direct, and ezxy. with this version cr tech have greatly extended...
bosch smart thermal management system uses heat pumps to keep ev batteries at a constant temp of 35 c
new thermal management system distributes heat and cold solely on the basis of the vehicle's coolant fluid. the combination of a heat pump with...
new liquid filled transformer insulation from 3m helps improve the transformer performance [video]
3m has introduced an improved standard for insulating high-temperature, liquid-filled distribution transformers. new liquid-filled transformer...
toughest z170 atx board with innovative cooling and reliability, 5 year warrantly, released by asus tech [video]
with a 5 year warranty, the new new asus tech z170 atx intel cpu based motherboard ideal for rugged environment such as dusty shop floors, industrial...
new heat spreader solution solders leds to copper substrate for 10x improvement in heat dissipation
europe's leading providers of contract design and manufacturing services, will be launching its solution to the challenge of effectively cooling high...
delta showcases a complete line of telecom power and thermal solutions at osp expo 2015
delta products corporation is showcasing a complete line of innovative telecom power and thermal management products and solutions that maximize...
world's first integrated thermocouple electromotive force to degrees celsius converter from microchip saves design effort, space and cost
microchip technology today announced the mcp9600, the world's first thermocouple conditioning integrated circuit to combine precision...
westherm product highlight complete line of thermal interface material [video]
westherm, thermal management product line consists of multiple product families that include thermal pads, phase change materials and thermal...
fujipoly sarcon gr-ae series is a silicone thermal interface material for cooling led
cost-effective silicone based material is available in nine thicknesses that deliver a thermal conductivity of 1.3 w/m k with a thermal resistance as...
technology corner
latest technology webinars on coolingzone 2015 thermal econference
webinars at coolingzone-15 include: predictive cooling for data centers, how to cool wearable electronics, immersive liquid cooling
independent power to boost the internet of things’ lift off [m2m now]
iot is a terrific enabling concept employing many connected technologies and new concepts in powering these devices will also be needed.
lockheed martin makes tiny satellite cooling system three times more powerful []
lockheed martin scientists are packing three times the power density into a key satellite cooling system whose previous design is already the...
understand both static and transient thermal management in led-based developments
thermal management remains paramount for reliable solid-state lighting (ssl) products that deliver to their full performance potential. moreover, you...
high density die casting (hddc): new frontiers in the manufacturing of heat sinks [iop science]
high density die casting (hddc) is a process under advanced development, in order to overcome theextrusion andtraditional die casting limits by...
engineering how to
an introduction to thermoelectric coolers
this article introduces the engineer to the theory behind the thermoelectric cooler, along with the thermal and electrical parameters involved.
how to cool chip on board (cob) led
this article provides an engineering overview of the latest options for cooling cob led
heat sink manufacturing using metal injection molding
similar to plastic injection molding, metal injection molding offers product designers a greater freedom to adapt traditional heat sink designs, in...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management econference
coolingzone thermal management econference is being held october 20-22nd, 2015. these are live webinars focusing on data center cooling, thermal management of wearables and more! click the link to learn more!

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