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coolingzone newsletter for october 18, 2012 october 18, 2012
recent advances in understanding of mass transfer phenomena in direct methanol fuel cells operating with concentrated fuel
running direct methanol fuel cells (dmfc) with concentrated fuel is desirable to maximize the specific energy of the fuel cell system and to improve the performance by mitigating the water flooding problem associated with diluted methanol operation. this article provides a comprehensive review of... read more
application of thermoelectric coolers in thermal management
with the increase in power dissipation and the shrinkage of package sizes, air cooling is getting to its limit or soon will reach a point at which liquid cooling becomes inevitable. in order to comply with moors law, higher heat transfer mechanisms are needed to achieve the goal. in some... read more
a comprehensive model of a miniature-scale linear compressor for electronics cooling
a comprehensive model of a miniature-scale linear compressor for electronics cooling is presented. linear compressors are appealing for refrigeration applications in electronics cooling. a small number of moving components translate to less theoretical frictional losses and the possibility that... read more
investigation of a counter flow microchannel heat exchanger performance with using nanofluid as a coolant
in this paper the performance of a counter flow microchannel heat exchanger (cfmche) is numerically investigated with a nanofluid as a cooling medium. two types of nanofluids are used cu-water and al2o3-water. from the results obtained it is found that thermal performance of cfmche increased with... read more
product news
panduit announces new energy efficient cabinet system for the data center
rtp company introduces thermally conductive compounds for enhanced led luminaires
laird technologies releases new wl series liquid cooling product line

found on the web technology corner conferences
  power electronics pcb concept
  sony's thermal conductive sheet expected to replace thermal grease
  so, you want to predict component temperatures do you? a four part series on models used in cfd for predicting component temperatures
  optimisation of heat sinks in confined flow
  uncertainties in thermal design
  what are fan laws and how do you use them for thermal management?
  coolingzone econference, october 31, live streaming
  imaps advanced technology workshop and tabletop exhibit on thermal management , november 12-14, 2012, los gatos, ca
  materials research society, november 25-30, 2012, boston, ma
editor's corner
an interview with… clemens lasance; coolingzone econference speaker on december 12
on december 12, 2012, coolingzone's monthly econference is delighted to have clemens lasance as one of our speakers. he will be speaking on, "sense and non-sense of correlations". we thought our readers would gain some important insights from other thoughts clemens has had from an interview he did in 2010. he shared many insights including: what he saw as the biggest challenges in the electronics cooling industry; his thoughts on if there will ever be a time when we don't need thermal management;are college training programs for thermal management doing the right training? to register for the december coolingzone econference click here. read t he interview by clicking the read more link.
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