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The Future of Solid State Lighting

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Victor Zaderej, M.S.
Manager of Advanced Development,
Molex Solid State Lighting Group

We have all heard about the benefits of Solid State Lighting (SSL), a revolutionary source of light that will dramatically reduce energy requirements, allow us to shine light onto any surface from a “rainbow” of colors, and will virtually last our entire lives. Although all of these benefits are technically achievable today, we do not see them in our daily lives because either the products are not available or they are too expensive. Several new technologies within the electronics, electromechanical packaging (Molded Interconnect Device; MID), LED array design, and thermal management fields along with an increase in LED manufacturing capacity are quickly changing the dynamics of the industry. These new technologies and manufacturing methods and how they can be integrated into a unique and cost effective Solid State Light source will be discussed in depth. Within the next several years, the products that will make SSL fun, easy to use, and affordable will be part of our lives. The timing of this next generation of products will nicely coincide with the end of the incandescent bulb and possibly the CFL that is currently proliferating in use on the market.

This video presentaiton was recorded during coolingZONE-11 Business & Technology Summit.  The video is 60 minutes long.