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Thermal Management and Design of 3-D Microsystems

Thermal Management and Design of 3-D Microsystems Price: $ 89.00

Ihab Andre Ali, Ph.D.
President and Co-Founder, Deeia Systems

The lecture provides an overview of thermal design performance limitations and thermal management techniques covering 3-D Microsystems. Thermal challenges are discussed including a key thermal design parameter concerning outer skin temperature limits based on natural convection and radiation with the ambient. The lecture covers an overview on internal IC’s thermal performance enhancements utilizing advanced thermal management techniques including single- and two-phase liquid cooling. The discussion walks through an application introducing a microchannel pumped liquid cooled system for compact electronic form factors. The performance of the liquid cooled system is discussed at length and compared to conventional heat pipe based thermal architecture. Tradeoffs of various system related parameters are discussed in details. System parameters included microchannel effects and pump scaling and heat exchange scaling effects. Other die level parameters are considered including die silicon thinning, TIM characteristics and effects of CPU heat flux non-uniformity. It is shown that while pumped liquid cooled system offers a performance increase over conventional heat pipe based architecture, system design ought to consider other important parameters for enhancing performance. These parameters include the die-to-cold plate TIM performance, die thickness and heat exchanger performance.

This video presentaiton was recorded during coolingZONE-11 Business & Technology Summit.  The video is 60 minutes long.