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coolingzone technical newsletter january 14, 2015
top stories
boundary condition dependence of junction to case thermal resistance
which measurement for junction to case is more accurate? tdi or thermocouples?
advanced thermal management materials for electronics and photonics
dr. carl zweben discusses the increasing availability of low cost, low cte materials with conductivity near 1700 w/m-k
select the proper fan for your application
how to determine how much airflow you need to choose the proper fan
motivations for liquid cooling and considernig the right fluid
a talk from the 2014 stanford exascale conference on server liquid cooling fluid options and more
coolingzone news
coolingzone revamps library
our new electronics cooling library is filled with helpful articles for thermal engineers, including a new google scholar research tool focusing just...
coolingzone supplier highlight: adcol electronics
adcol is a new member of the coolingzone supplier directory, featuring thermoelectric products as a speciality
coolingzone welcomes ebm-papst to our supplier directory
ebm papst is a premiere supplier of fans and other air movers for electronics cooling and more. we invite our readers to check them out!
product & industry news
teca releases powerhouse thermoelectric enclosure cooler: increased cooling, same small size
for enclosure cooling, teca introduces a powerful new thermoelectric air conditioner. the ahp-690 model features compact dimensions and 55% more...
vulcan electric introduces an expanded line of rtd probe assemblies
the temperature sensor assemblies are offered in several standard and unique configurations designed to provide enhanced performance in applications...
curved finite elements in td direct and thermal desktop mark new cfd release
curved finite elements in td direct and thermal desktop mark a major advancement in c&r technologies modeling capabilities. the resulting curved...
push pin heat sinks offer more than 100,000 configurations
with 108,000 possible configurations, advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) now provides the widest choice of push pin-mounted heat sinks for...
phononic raises $44.5 million to develop its solid-state cooling
phononic announced that it has secured $44.5 million in series d funding. the company said the funds will be used to drive sales of the company's...
new basf cooling technology launched at ces 15 [video]
basf's magnetocaloric materials are made from manganese and iron. they heat up when placed in a magnetic field and cool down when removed from the...
captherms mp-1240 uses explosive welding and phase change material to win two ces 15 awards [video]
captherm is pleased to announce it has been awarded two '2015 ces innovations design and engineering awards' for the mp-1240 multiphase cooler. the...
sanyo denki launches wide temperature range fans with industry-leading -40c to +85c operating temperature range
sanyo denki co., ltd. has developed and launched six sizes of their new wide temperature range fan. with an industry-leading operating temperature...
toshiba rolls out reference design for control of server and data center cooling fans
toshiba america electronic components, inc. (taec)*, has launched its latest reference design for cooling fan motor control. the reference design for...
rtp company introduces thermally conductive compounds for enhanced led luminaries
global custom engineered thermoplastics compounder rtp company has introduced a line of thermally conductive compounds for replacing metal heat sinks...
technology corner
next generation micro-chip carrier reduces satellite cpu power [satellite news]
thermavent is developing a cooling solution to reduce the temperature of high-power satellite components to levels manageable in space...
led car headlight can benefit from thermal simulation [electronics weekly]
thermal modeling of automobile headlamps is now a necessity thanks to new structural options and led headlights in automobiles ...
ces 2015: coolchip's kinetic cooling engine—part fan, part heat sink, totally awesome [ieee spectrum]
sandia labs
heat pipes: review, opportunities, and challenges [thermal fluids central]
dr. amir faghri has written a
accurate, compat thermal models of three-die power packages [edn]
compact thermal models (ctm) of electronic packages is needed in thermal simulations of electronic systems...
engineering how to
the bernoulli factor in thermal analysis
an explanation of the bernoulli equation and its use in thermal analysis
how to do optimization of heat sinks in non-confined flow
when air flow hits a bypass and skirts around your heat sink some extra careful optimization is needed
what is spreading resistance?
calculating spreading resistance for better heat sink design

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management summit | a live webcast
save the date! coolingzone thermal management summit | a live webcast! is being held october 19 to the 23rd, 2015. this years conference will feature both cutting edge and thermal management fundamentals topics

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