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coolingzone technical newsletter august 27, 2015
top stories
phillip tuma speaks on advances in passive 2-phase immersion cooling
at coolingzone 2015, the pluses/minuses/operating principles of 2-phase immersion cooling
the 3 types of thermal resistance and their use in thermal management
considering all the resistance elements when the heat generated inside an ic is trying to get out into the ambient.
how to calculate a thermosyphons heat transfer for thermal management
calculating the limits of a thermosyphon and and then applying them to thermal management, this week's cooltv
coolingzone-15 summit conference program announced
the coolingzone 2015 thermal management summit has announced their conference program and schedule of speakers
coolingzone 2015 thermal management econference
the coolingzone 2015 thermal management summit has announced their conference program and schedule of speakers
from wearables to data center cooling, coolingzone 2015 addresses the latest thermal management technology
be among the next 50 registrants to coolingzone 2015 and get a change to win a fitbit!
register now, from 8/27 to 9/27 and you'll be enetered into a drawing for a fitbit charge hr! coolingzone 2015 wants your health to improve as your...
product & industry news
1000 channel, low cost, modular data system measures temperature using thermocouples, thermistors and rtd
the inet-400 system is a low cost card cage that attaches to windows computers via usb 2.0. the advantage of a card cage is that engineers can...
oki develops mass-production technology for multi-layer copper-coin printed circuit boards to support high speeds and high frequencies
oki circuit technology, an oki group company responsible for printed circuit board business, has successfully developed design and mass production...
aavid thermalloy announces new high performance thermal interface materials
aavid announces the release of the most thermally conductive gap fillers on the market today by introducing three new lines of premium thermal...
self-contained intelligent thermal management system debuts expanding scope of liquid cooling
thermacore's itms (intelligent thermalmanagement system) is based on the liquid cooling system technology developed by thermacore for challenging...
glacialtech announces 120w led flood light heatsink kit for high output led lighting
glacialtech, the diversified led technology provider, announces a new 120w heatsink kit for outdoor flood lights. the igloo ss120 features an...
new solid state cpu cooler fits in mini-itx packages and tested to tdp levels greater than 175 watts [video]
phononic model hex 1.0 is the first in a series of cpu coolers and is now available for pre-order. unlike traditional heatsink/fan cpu coolers that...
thermal interface material is first to feature low stress, 1.0 w per m k thermal conductivity and emi absorbtion for frquencies above 1ghz
henkel today announced that it has developed the market's first-ever extremely low stress thermal interface material that unites thermal conductivity...
fujipoly sarcon gr-ae series is a silicone thermal interface material for cooling led
cost-effective silicone based material is available in nine thicknesses that deliver a thermal conductivity of 1.3 w/m k with a thermal resistance as...
panasonic highlights ultra-thin, lightweight, graphite film with thermal conductivity 700 to 1750 w/(m-k) [video]
panasonic's pyrolitic graphite sheet (pgs) has a themal conductivity four times greater than copper, is extremely pliable and can be applied to...
technology corner
air force wants new electronics thermal management techniques for fighter aircraft [military aerospace electronics]
u.s. air force electronics thermal management experts are asking industry for new ideas on how to cool the electronics on future fighter aircraft,...
new innovation keeps supercomputers cool [inside hpc]
hpc centers can choose between air, oil, dielectric fluid, or water as the heat-transfer medium. opting for something other than air means that...
a lot of heat is wasted, so why not convert it into power? [npr]
what if there were a way to take the waste heat that spews from car tailpipes or power plant chimneys and turn it into electricity? matt scullin...
porous graphite foam: towards a better thermal management in vehicle [altair technology conference papers]
the automotive industry is looking for heat exchangers that occupy very little space, could porous graphite foam be the answer?
understanding intel's dynamic power and thermal framework 8.1: smarter throttling [anandtech]
in mobile, thermal throttling is effectively a fact of life as modern, thin tablets and smartphones leave little room for implementing...
engineering how to
how to select a heat sink
both the performance reliability and life expectancy of electronic equipment are inversely related to the component temperature of the equipment in...
how to cool 10 kilowatts of rack servers with water [video]
in this engineering how to, the team at lawrence berkley demonstrate the steps to implement water to cool 10kw of racked servers.
how to evaluate fan life
the purpose of this article is to explain these topics and to encourage the standardization of fan life evaluation, as outlined in [1].

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management econference
coolingzone thermal management summit | econference! is being held october 20-22nd, 2015. with cooling the internet of things in mind, we'll have speakers on cooling wearables, to predictive data center cooling to liquid cooling

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