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coolingzone technical newsletter october 15, 2015
top stories
webinar on heat pipe selection and application strategies
learn heat pipe selection, bending and application strategies at our webinar, taught by dr. rahul mulinii of noren products
40mm overclocking fan shoot out: airflow, xfan, delta, avc and others
if you overvolt a fan, what is the upper limit before it flames out?
coolingzone-15 summit conference program announced
the coolingzone 2015 thermal management summit has announced their conference program and schedule of speakers
a forumla to calculate optimum spacing of heat sink fins
optimize heat sink air flow by getting the fin spacing just right for your application
coolingzone 2015 thermal management econference
new webinar! comparison of hpc/telecom data center cooling methods by operating and capital expense
three cooling solutions are assessed to provide cooling to a hypothetical, near-future computing cluster; which performs best, why and what you can...
webinar! liquid cooling types for data center computing: choosing and deploying
this presentation will present some of the forms of liquid cooling and explains how their applicattion would effect both the data center and the it...
how to webinar! how to perform and understand temperature measurement within electronic systems
learn the importance of temperature measurement in electronic systems, the instruments that are necessary and the location within a systems where...
coolingzone 2015 starts october 20th! don't delay! register today for one or all the webinars you want
coolingzone 2015 webinars start october 20th! don't miss out! the internet of things (iot) is upon us and this year coolingzone addresses cooling...
product & industry news
automated temperature & velocity scanner with data acquisition software highlighted by ats [video]
the atvs-2020 features up to 32 sensor ports to measure both air temperature and air velocity with one sensor. the instrument is designed for...
aismalibar ramps up production of bond sheet prepreg and thin lam cores
aismalibar has increased production of their htc bond sheet prepreg and thin lam cores. customers have been using htc bond sheets to connect cutting...
hdplex unveils its long-awaited 2nd gen h5 fanless htpc case [video]
the chassis supports passive cooling of 95w tdp cpu via its flagship eight heatpipe cpu heatsink system and an optional eight heatpipe passive video...
orion fans grants global distribution agreement to america ii
under terms of the agreement, america ii will have global distribution rights to orion fans' complete line of ac and dc fans, blowers, fan trays,...
flir releases premium imaging moisture meter and world's first thermal imaging clamp meter [video]
the new cm174 is the world's first all-in-one electrical clamp meter equipped with a built-in thermal imager. designed for electrical professionals,...
altair adds cfd capabilities to hyperworks
the new capabilities add nanofluidx and ultrafluidx to the hyperworks portfolio, expanding capabilities for computational fluid dynamics (cfd). ...
versarien awards exclusive world wide distribution deal for micro porous copper heat sinks with mouser [video]
mouser will forthwith stock versarien's lph00xx series of low-profile metallic foam heatsinks. targeted at passive cooling in space-constrained...
new 136 mm x 28 mm reversible flow fan blows air in both directions, reduces the required number of fans
sanyo denki has developed and launched the san ace 136rf o136 mm x 28 mm reversible flow fan that can blow air in both directions. multiple fans are...
more compatibility in latest pointwise mesh generation software
pointwise's new production version of their software includes new native interfaces to three software packages: open source pyfr advection diffusion...
medical open frame power supplies perform in low airflow conditions
the powerbox medline series 150 and 300 ac/dc single output open frame (2x4 and 3x6) power supplies target medical type bf applications requiring...
technology corner
gobs of thermal paste should prevent chromecast 2s from overheating [techspot]
the original chromecast was known to run on the warm side; google's new design looks to keeping temperature down while improving capability
liquid cooling moves onto the chip for denser electronics []
using microfluidic passages cut directly into the backsides of production field-programmable gate array (fpga) devices, georgia institute of...
ibm scientists find new way to shrink transistors [ny times science]
in the semiconductor business, it is called the “red brick wall” or the limit of the industry’s ability to shrink transistors beyond a certain...
a few design techniques on how to reduce the power [electronics cooling]
there will always be the need to get heat out of high power circuitry, but with a little extra design effort up front, we may be able to reduce...
wearables & iot to alter electronic design process [ee times]
the increasing functionality and shrinking size of iot and wearable products also obscures signal integrity and thermal management challenges.
engineering how to
how to cool 10 kilowatts of rack servers with water [video]
a team from lawrence berkeley national laboratory talks through what they did and how you can cool 10kw of rack servers using only water.
learn the best fin optimization for a given heat sink application
this article shows you the best fin geometries for a given application. for example, empirical data shows that if the goal is to get a higher value...
how to do front end thermal design
avoid redesigns with these key front end design approaches for your next thermal management system.

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-15 thermal management econference and webinars
october 20-22, a series of webinars on industry leading ideas and technologies to keep engineers updated on the latest technology and practice in thermal management

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