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The coolingZONE audience is focused on thermal management, heat transfer and energy transfer in electronics, telecommunications, renewable energy, semiconductors, transportation and more.   Our audience is composed of practicing engineers and scientists who are decision makers on products, instruments, materials, and services that help them create solutions to a wide array of challenges in thermal dynamics.    Advertise on coolingZONE to to engage, inspire and influence the thousands of engineers who visit coolingZONE each month.  For questions, email John at [email protected] or call us at 508-329-2021

Advertising opportunities with

All ads are flat rate priced. The time period is indicated in each ad type

Technical Newsletter Ad Bundle

An ad bundle for one issue of our coolingZONE Newsletter.  This bundle features both a right column banner and a product news announcement.  It is one of the best ways to get your message to our readers.

Product Announcement Placement

Your company’s product or service announcement are positioned on the home page for highest visibility on  Only 10 slots in inventory

Sponsored Content

Your sponsored content on coolingZONE connects you with these decision makers and influencers. White papers with solid technical information, studies supporting your technology and case studies are all editorial that would qualify.

Home Page – Roll Down Banner

An interactive banner that rolls down the upper right hand corner of when a user engages with it.

Home Page – Welcome Ad

A Full Page Ad shown before a visitor is redirected to the first regular site page.

Home Page – Top Banner

An eye-catching banner at the top of the coolingZONE web page that provides ample space to announce your product, service or event

Home Page – Right Column Ad

A block ad that is positioned on the right hand side of  The ad is displayed at every point on  Only six ad slots in inventory.

Feature Articles Sponsor

This native ad type positions an advertisers name visibly on the top of articles as they appear in the featured article section.  Emphasis is on the top 10 content landing pages on coolingZONE.  180 character message limit with html link,

Qpedia Thermal eMagazine

Qpedia is the only thermal engineering magazine dedicated to the practicing thermal engineers. The articles in Qpedia are written by engineers for engineers. Qpedia is published by Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS), a media sponsor for coolingZONE and a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production.

 Technical Library Sponsor

The library page contains the core content for coolingZONE. This ad spot is to sponsor all of the coolingZONE Technical Library.

Supplier Directory Display Ad

Graphics banner ads listed at the top of the supplier directory.  They are displayed through that directory no matter what part of that directory the user is on.  6 slots open in inventory.

Industry Conference Calendar

Conferences are listed by date but with this advertising feature coolingZONE will arrange your conference towards the top of the calendar for higher visibility

Industry Webinar Calendar

Webinars are listed by date but with this advertising feature coolingZONE will arrange your webinar towards the top of the calendar for higher visibility

Third Party Blogs

Your engineering blog can be featured on  We’ll list it and bring in your feed via RSS.  Only 10 slots open in inventory