Native Advertising at coolingZONE

Native Advertising at coolingZONE

What Is It?

Ads integrated with coolingZONE Content

Native advertising takes your 180-200 character message, video, or article and places it with specific coolingZONE content so you can better reach coolingZONE readers.  Ad rates are $250 for one week, $800 for one month, $1,800 for three months. We can help you create a package that works for you!

Never heard of Native Advertising?  Read this article on Wikipedia

How does it work?

  1. Let us know what kind of content you have to integrate. We can use:
    1. 180-200 character messages
    2. Videos (1-5 minutes )
    3. Article
  2. We’ll work with you on the right placement depending on your goals and topic focus
  3. We’ll place your content on
  4. For no extra charge, your content will be publicized in our weekly technical newsletter
  5. All ads are clearly marked sponsored in some way so that users understand your content is content you want placed and visible to them.
  6. Pricing:
    1. One week placement is $250
    2. One month placement is $800
    3. Three month placement is $1,800

How to get started? Email coolingZONE’s Supplier Portal with your request
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