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coolingzone newsletter june 13, 2013 june 13, 2013
top stories
pin fin heat sink performance under air jet impingement
air jet impingement increases pin fin heat sink cooling here's how to best design the pins
autodesk online sustainablity workshop for energy use, system design
a focused set of videos geared to helping engineers learn sustainable design practices
coolingzone-13 announces speakers and topics
coolingzone-13 has announced their speaker lineup for the october 21-23rd conference
using liquid metal as the coolant
liquid metal may seem extreme, but when specs demand it, liquid metal can be a viable option
product news
new web-based heat transfer calculator launched by morgan advanced materials
the heat flow application allows users to simulate an unlimited number of heat transfer scenarios using morgan's market leading insulation and...
coolit partners with staubli and afco to develop standardized rack cooling solutions
coolit systems inc., a top supplier of direct contact liquid cooling (dclc™) solutions for high-performance desktops, enterprise servers and data...
kobe steel supplies high heat transfer titanium sheet for use in otec demonstration project in okinawa
kobe steel, ltd. has developed a high heat transfer titanium sheet called heet™ for use in plate heat exchangers, one of the important applications...
jmc's 40x50x32mm & 40x50x38mm counter-rotating fans: powerfully efficient airflow for high density electronic enclosures
the dc fans are ideal for high-density 1u servers and power supplies or any other high-density electronic enclosures. counter-rotating technology has...
t-global technology are pleased to announce their new range of thermally conductive interface caps.
the thinc range of interface caps offer exceptionally low thermal contact resistance and electrical isolation which ensures maximum protection...
coolermaster releases compact mainstream pc chassis with extensive water cooling support
coolermaster's n200 chassis is water cooling ready and improved air cooling performance wrapped in subtle and simplistic designs
increased performance from high aspect ratio heat sinks from ats
ats's high aspect ratio heat sink provide a greater density of fins in a given footprint than a more common sink, and/or stands taller than its...
thermal engineering associates lowers the cost of thermal testing
thermal engineering associates, inc. (tea) announces the availability of a new family of thermal interface material (tim) characterization tools...
colder products company expands fitquik product line with additional material options
colder products company, a provider of quick disconnect couplings and fittings for plastic tubing, announces the addition of pvdf to the available...
low resistance gold plated connector released from fujipoly
the fujypoly zebra gold series 8000b is a high performance, low resistance connector capable of transferring both data and power between parallel...
technology corner
what cooling technology maybe the most used in the next three years? [coolingzone poll]
our 30-second coolingzone poll asks a simple question that is very relevant in today’s world of using lower power processors, even mobile phone...
what is the temperature of the sky? [tony kordyban blog]
outdoor electronics can benefit from radiating heat to the open sky. but what is the temperature of the sky?
gas-cooled data centre idea wins green prize [tech week europe]
an ingenious proposal to locate data centres near liquid natural gas (lng) plants could provide all their cooling and electrical power for next to...
research shows how turbulence occurs without inertia [nasa tech briefs]
anyone who has flown in an airplane knows about turbulence, or when the flow of a fluid — in this case, the flow of air over the wings — becomes...
new insights into how materials transfer heat could lead to improved electronics []
university of toronto engineering researchers, working with colleagues from carnegie mellon university, have published new insights into how...
engineering how to
an experimental assessment of numerical predictive accuracy for board-mounted electronics heat transfer
while no generic relationship exists to relate component and printed circuit board (pcb) temperature with reliability, it has been shown that die...
convection and friction
a characteristic element in thermal design for electronics is the race for increased cooling capacity. once a new powerful cooling method has been...
fan selection - quick techniques to compare various tube-axial fan designs
the worldwide market for tube-axial fans is very large and, as a consequence, the number of tube-axial suppliers is significant. this article will...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-13: the thermal management industry international summit (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industry's leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (usa, mn | 7-14-2013)
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference, 7th international conference on energy sustainability, and 11th fuel cell science, engineering and technology conference (htesfuelcell2013)
nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop (usa, fl | 7-29-2013)
tfaws is an annual training and professional development workshop designed to encourage knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking throughout the thermal and fluids engineering community within nasa and the aerospace community at large.
the international heat transfer conference (ihtc), (japan | 8-10-2013)
the international heat transfer conference (ihtc), which carries a nickname of "heat transfer olympic," has traditionally been a world premier conference, where scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community get together and exchange latest information every four years. the previous conferences...

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