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October 2005

New High Performance Cooling Solutions for 1U Applications

norwood, ma, october 2005 тАУ advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) has introduced a line of low profile heat sinks designed for passive cooling of intel xeonуд processors in narrow 1u servers. new blackdiamondуд heat sinks are made from solid aluminum and are void of the interfacial thermal resistances in bonded heat sinks.та the aluminum is anodized, and the heat sinks are available with choices of thin heat fin pattern designs to optimize heat dissipation in enclosures with varying levels of available airflow. these heat sinks can permanently replace heavier, copper-based fan-sinks that are more expensive and have limited work lives.та

тататата blackdiamond heat sinks are 30 mm high by 64 mm wide by 89 mm long for precision mounting on xeon processors and other cpus used in 1u packages, including the intel p4, and the amd opteronуд and athlonуд 64.та the sinks range from 144 to 162 grams in weight, making them much lighter than typical 1u heat sinks of either passive or integrated fan design.

тататата blackdiamond heat sinks provide thermal resistance as low as 0.28т░c/w with air velocity of 800 ft/min.та they are available with or without thermal interface materials and are attached with standard mounting clips. more information on blackdiamond heat sinks is available from the advanced thermal solutions website, www.qats.com, or by calling 781-769-2800.

тататата pricing starts at $13 each in quantities of 15,000+. delivery is six to eight weeks.

advanced thermal solutions is a leading engineering and manufacturing company supplying complete thermal and mechanical packaging solutions from analysis and testing to final production. ats provides a wide range of heat sinks and laboratory-grade thermal instrumentation, along with thermal design consulting services and training.

# # #

for technical information, please contact:stuart green, vp, customer affairs, advanced thermal solutions, inc., 89-27 access road, norwood, ma 02062 usa, tel: 781-769-2800, e-mail: sgreen@qats.comтатататататататататататататата

please send inquiries to:

norman quesnel, marketing communications specialist, advanced thermal solutions, inc., 89-27 access road, norwood, ma 02062 usa, tel: та781-769-2800, e-mail: nquesnel@qats.com

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