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November 2016

Silego Announces New GFET3 and HFET1 Integrated Power Switches

silego technology made this announcement at a press conference held in advance of electronica, the world's leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications, in munich, germany. at this conference, silego made several other product announcements that silego believes further reinforces silego's position as a market leader in power products with advanced system protection features and nvm-configurable mixed-signal ics.


addressing pcb-space-constrained applications in the industrial, in-cabin infotainment, and enterprise/embedded computing markets, these five new products include a suite of system-level protection features. in space-constrained applications, elevated operating temperatures place additional performance burdens on system protection devices. in many cases, system designers are forced to select less robust products or implement discrete, pcb-space-consuming alternatives when in-circuit ambient temperatures exceed 85°c or 105°c.


for supply-voltage applications up to 5 v, silego announced the 8.4 m?/4 a slg59m1657v, the 17 m?/2.5 a slg59m1658v, and the 13 m?/3.5 a slg59m1707v. in addition, the slg59m1707v's analog current monitor output feature offers substantial system bom cost/pcb savings by eliminating the need for an external current shunt resistor, a difference/level-shifting amplifier, and associated passive components to measure directly fet current. depending upon the application's maximum operating current, pcb footprints range from 1.6 mm2 to 4 mm2.


for supply-voltage applications up to 24 v, silego announced the 13.3 m?/4 a slg59h1013v and the 13.1 m?/3.5 a slg59h1016v, in 4.8 mm2 package sizes. like the slg59m1707v, both products include an analog current monitor feature, an open-drain fault output, and fast output voltage discharge.


using silego's proprietary mosfet design ip, these extended industrial temperature range, robust integrated system protection devices maintain ultra-stable, low rdsons across the applied input voltage range. applying silego's proprietary cufet™ technology, silego's design engineers deftly package these products in low thermal-resistance, rohs-compliant footprints that generate low thermal gradients in these space-constrained, high-current applications.


visit http://www.silego.com for pricing, samples, datasheets and additional technical information about these new and other high-performance integrated power switches in silego's gfet3 and hfet1 product portfolios.

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