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February 2017

ChargePoint Announces Express Plus Electric Vehicle Charging Platform

chargepoint, the world's largest and most open electric vehicle (ev) charging network, announced chargepoint express plus, the ultra-fast dc charging solution that is ready for the electric cars, buses and trucks of today and tomorrow.


express plus can charge today's newest electric vehicles, such as the chevy bolt ev, at their maximum rate; is equipped to charge upcoming evs such as the tesla model 3 and is ready to deliver maximum charging speed to evs coming to market in the years to come.


a modular platform designed for businesses and charging centers along major roadways or transit depots, express plus can deliver up to 400 kilowatts (kw) to an ev, providing the power, speed and scalability necessary to make the future of mobility all-electric.


ubiquitous charging networks that support both local and long-distance electric travel will transform how we get around. evs with more than 200 miles of range will accelerate already rapid ev sales growth, and are expected to reach 35 percent of global new car sales by 2040, according to bloomberg new energy finance.


long-range evs will need ultra-fast dc charging for long-distance trips, while electric buses and service trucks require high-power charging for their daily routines. chargepoint express plus addresses current charging requirements with a platform that allows site owners to easily add capacity to meet future demand.


"express plus is a platform built to support chargepoint's vision for the future of dc fast charging: ultra-fast, scalable and incredibly efficient charging that's conveniently located where drivers need it for long trips," said pasquale romano, ceo of chargepoint. "express plus charging centers can start small and grow as needed by adding charging capacity without further construction. together with our commercial and residential charging solutions, express plus completes the technology offering required to make fully electric transit a reality."


complementing chargepoint's existing products and services, chargepoint express plus is necessary to create a network that enables the rapid refueling of evs on long trips or to support the rigorous daily routines of electric buses and trucks. a full range of charging technologies supports the growth of chargepoint's network of more than 31,000 charging spots and connects ev drivers with the right charging speed everywhere they go.


with chargepoint express plus, charging site operators can design for the long term and incrementally build out charging infrastructure to meet driver demand without any stranded investment along the way. the product intelligently allocates power among vehicles so every car charges as fast as possible, getting drivers back on the road quickly while making efficient use of the power available at each site.


along with the express plus platform, chargepoint express 250, a standalone dc fast charging station capable of adding 90 miles of range in 30 minutes, was introduced, making all-electric travel easier for more drivers in more places. chargepoint cloud services, included with all chargepoint products, make it easy for any organization to offer ev charging, with 24/7 driver support, proactive monitoring and comprehensive warranty coverage for stations.


ev drivers can find chargepoint express stations for long-distance trips, along with other chargepoint stations for level 2 charging around town, in the chargepoint app. express plus will be available in july 2017.

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