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March 2017

MediaTek Announces CorePilot 4.0 Technology for Power Efficiency in Smartphones

mediatek announced corepilot 4.0, an advanced technology that intelligently manages smartphone tasks to deliver the perfect balance of processing power and battery life. corepilot 4.0 is available on mediatek's newest soc, the mediatek helio x30. corepilot 4.0 can deliver up to 25 percent more power savings over the previous version which means end users can do more with their smartphone, for longer.


corepilot 4.0 uses intelligent task scheduling system along with thermal management and user experience monitoring technology to prioritize smartphone tasks and predict power usage. as a result, corepilot directs devices to run in the most power efficient mode based on what the user needs.


"just like your heart automatically reacts to numerous tasks your body is doing, corepilot 4.0 automatically directs power where and when it's needed to maintain efficiency," said jeffrey ju, executive vice president and co-coo of mediatek.


"consumers today demand extreme performance from their smartphones, on top of a long battery life. corepilot 4.0 perfectly balances power and efficiency, and adapts to users' computing patterns to manage power consumption."


corepilot 4.0 is built on mediatek's groundbreaking tri-cluster processing architecture. the three clusters offer minimum, medium and maximum processor levels to better balance the vast needs and requirements of smartphone applications and tasks.


many smartphone processors offer only two types of cores. a high performance set of cores which requires a lot of battery power and low energy, low performance cores. mediatek's tri-cluster configuration provides extra flexibility needed to achieve an optimal balance of power and efficiency.


corepilot 4.0 includes a centralized intelligent task scheduling system that optimizes energy efficiency. other new corepilot 4.0 features include ux monitoring and system power allocator (spa), a sophisticated thermal management. the system power allocator predicts an individual's power usage scenario.


it prioritizes which application is most critical for the user in the moment and controls power consumption. the ux monitoring in corepilot 4.0 analyzes system feedback on the current display framerate, activities happening in the foreground and actions that require immediate performance.


working together, corepilot 4.0 chooses the right cluster or clusters at a select frequency that yields an optimal voltage for the current load. this provides a consistent and sustained user experience and the best performance with maximum battery life.


for more details about corepilot 4.0 technology, visit www.mediatek.com/features/corepilot-evolution

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