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September 2017

In the ATS Labs - Where Thermal Solutions Advance to Meet Industry Demands

thermal management innovations need to match the rapid pace at which the electronics industry is advancing. as consumers demand new and more powerful devices or greater amounts of information at faster speeds, cooling solutions of the past will not be enough. today’s cooling solutions must be smaller, lighter, and offer higher performance, but also need to be cost-effective, meet demanding project specifications, and be reliable for many years.


advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) understands the importance of creating cutting-edge thermal solutions for its customers and has geared its thermal design capability and its research and development to match the innovations taking place in electronics design.



to meet the need for innovative solutions, ats engineers are hard at work in the company’s six state-of-the-art laboratories at the ats headquarters, located in norwood, mass. (south of boston). thermal issues of all kinds are recognized, broken down, and resolved and cooling solutions are designed, simulated, prototyped, and rigorously tested in these research-grade facilities.


when someone thinks of a research lab, the initial picture is scientists in white coats working for major corporations, such as ibm, microsoft, or google, but the development of new ideas is an essential tool for any company in the technology field. working with empirical tests in a lab environment pushes concepts from the white board or the computer screen to reality. there comes a time when engineers need to produce tangible data to ensure that a design works as planned.


ats thermal engineers are no different. they use state-of-the-art instrumentsand software in each of the six labs to conduct a long list of characterization, quality-assurance, and validation tests. in addition to finding custom cooling solutions for customers, ats engineers produce thermal management products for commercial uses, including a variety of next generation heat sinkheat pipe, vapor chamber, and liquid cooling designs.



among the most common tests performed in the ats labs are:


  • measurements of air velocity, direction, pressure and temperature
  • characterization of heat sink designs, fans and cold plates
  • flow visualization of liquid and air flow
  • image visualization characterization using infrared and liquid crystal thermography.


many of the instruments that these tests are performed on were designed and fabricated by ats. that includes open-loop, closed-loop, and bench-top wind tunnelsthe award-winning iq-200™, which measures air temperature, velocity, and pressure with one instrument; and the thermview™ liquid crystal thermography system. engineers also use specially-designed sensors, such as the ats candlestick sensor, to get the most accurate analysis possible.


heat pipes and vapor chambers are increasingly common cooling solutions, particularly for mobile devices and other consumer electronics, and ats engineers are working to expand the company’s offerings for these solutions and to develop next generation technology that optimizes the thermal performance of these products. this research involves advanced materials, new fabrication methods, performance testing, and innovative designs that are ready for mass production.


ats has also developed products to meet the growing demand across the electronics industry for liquid cooling systems. from new designs for recirculating and immersion chillers to multi-channel cold plates to tube-to-fin heat exchangers, ats is continuing to expand its line of liquid cooling solutions to maximize the transfer of heat from liquid to air and researching new manufacturing methods, advanced materials, and other methods of enhancing the technology.


as liquid cooling technology has grown, ats has met this demand with new instruments and lab capabilities, such as the iflow-200™, which measures a cold plate’s thermal and hydraulic characteristics, and full liquid loops to test ats products under real-world conditions.



the labs at ats are up to even the toughest electronics cooling challenges that the company’s global customers present. thanks to its extensive lab facilities, ats has provided thousands of satisfied customers with the state-of-the-art thermal solutions that they demand.


for more information about advanced thermal solutions, inc. (ats) thermal management consulting and design services, visit www.qats.com/consulting or contact ats at 781.769.2800 or ats-hq@qats.com.

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