Liquid Crystal Thermography Demo Shows How to do Thermal Analysis

We’ve reported on ATS’s Liquid Crystal Thermography before and since our coverage, many other media outlets have covered it as well.   And for good reason, liquid crystal thermography can be very helpful in determining a device or other surface temperature where other methods may fail.  There are other advantages as well:

• Provides a quick visual qualitative observation of the surface temperature profile
• Can be calibrated with a digital colour camera and isothermal surface control to provide accurate quantative temperature fields to
+/-­‐ 0.1C
• Typically operate between -­‐30C to 120C with bandwidths of 0.1C to 30C
• A High spatial resolution of around 1 micron, depends on camera opticcs
• Provides both transient and steady state surface temperature profiles
• A Fast time response of around 100ms
• Thermometry uses visible light and is independent of surface emissivity
• Relatively cheap technique: camera, recorder, lighting, etc…

You can read more on the benefits and disadvantages and technology of liquid crystal at this slide set, “Liquid Crystal Thermography

Here is the demo. ATS is a sponsor of coolingZONE and you can purchase their liquid crystal thermography kit at this link: TLC-100 Kit

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