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coolingzone newletter for june 21, 2013 june 21, 2013
top stories
thermal management in avionics and military electronics
a 1 hour pre-recorded video on the thermal management of avionics and military electronics
dr. richard hill to speak at coolingzone-13
new heat transfer challenges and how tim can meet those challenges at coolingzone-13
coolingzone-13 registration open
register today for coolingzone-13 thermal managment summit, october 21-23rd, boston ma
what is thermal resistance and how is it practically applied?
the different types of thermal resistance and how they work together in thermal analysis
product news
vette corp expands rear door heat exchanger offering for data center liquid cooling
vette corp announces an expanded liquid cooling product line for high density server, storage and communications equipment. vette’s family of...
symscape ships caedium v5.1 for cfd
the latest version of caedium (v5.1) has a new helix tool for computational fluid dynamics (cfd) simulations and improved mesh element size control....
tdk-lambda releases convection cooled, 300-watt addition to the zws line of power supplies
tdk corporation announces the release of tdk-lambda's latest addition to its zws line of compact ac-dc power supplies. the new single-output...
the bergquist company is excited to introduce liqui-bond sa 3505, the latest member of its liquid silicone adhesive line
the bergquist company is excited to introduce the first in a new line of low volatility liquid silicone gap fillers, gap filler 1500lv. gap filler...
new phase change material simplifies and speeds assembly of heat generating electronic assemblies
uniphase 3500 from universal science provides a thermal management solution without the mess and inconsistency of thermal grease
new patented heat sink mounting system is industry first with secure click and latch
the new pem(tm) heat sink mounting system (patent pending) introduces an ideally engineered solution to securely attach heat sinks to circuit boards...
mikros highlights patented normal flow cold plates
mikros liquid-cooled, microchannel cold plates feature their patented normal flow technology. the normal flow technology is implemented with a...
increased performance from high aspect ratio heat sinks from ats
ats's high aspect ratio heat sink provide a greater density of fins in a given footprint than a more common sink, and/or stands taller than its...
thermal engineering associates lowers the cost of thermal testing
thermal engineering associates, inc. (tea) announces the availability of a new family of thermal interface material (tim) characterization tools...
mechatronix launches iceled modular active led cooling
the iceled modular active led cooler was specifically developed for spot, down lights and high bays from 2000 to 8.000 lumen (20 to 100w cooling). ...
technology corner
more liquid-cooled smartphones to be introduced this year [the droid guy]
apple, samsung, and htc are considering the introduction of liquid-cooling technology in their handsets. smartphones featuring the technology will...
the viscosity of liquid cooling [data center dynamics]
research environments are familiar with liquid cooling but is the technology now a viable option for cloud and web-scale deployments?
how can thermo electrical generators help the environment? [a to z cleantech]
thermoelectric generators, or seebeck generators, are devices that directly convert heat into electricity through a process called the seebeck effect...
aluminum extrusions match ssl thermal management needs in many applications [led magazine]
with led-based solid-state lighting (ssl) technology revolutionizing the lighting industry, new opportunities for lighting products are appearing...
performance of online and offset micro pin-fin heat sinks with variable fin density [rit research library]
a comparison of the performances of online and offset micro pin-fin heat sinks with variable fin density is given in this paper. the cooling systems...
engineering how to
how to determine the thermal conductivity of pcb
the thermal management of printed circuit boards is of increasing importance as the power density of components and circuits continues to rise. the...
the coeffecient of thermal expansion - part 1
apart from the temperature differences, the most important parameter describing thermally induced stress is the coefficient of thermal expansion...
the coeffecient of thermal expansion - part 2
this is the second technical data feature that deals with the coefficient of thermal expansion (cte). this issue will discuss the temperature...

conferences & webinars
coolingzone-13: the thermal management industry international summit (usa, ma | 10-21-2013)
join the thermal management industries leading companies to not just hear theory but solutions, from the industry's leading suppliers. you won’t leave with formulas, you’ll leave with answers from these leading suppliers and technologists in thermal management.
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference (usa, mn | 7-14-2013)
asme 2013 summer heat transfer conference, 7th international conference on energy sustainability, and 11th fuel cell science, engineering and technology conference (htesfuelcell2013)
nasa thermal fluids and analysis workshop (usa, fl | 7-29-2013)
tfaws is an annual training and professional development workshop designed to encourage knowledge sharing, professional development, and networking throughout the thermal and fluids engineering community within nasa and the aerospace community at large.
the international heat transfer conference (ihtc), (japan | 8-10-2013)
the international heat transfer conference (ihtc), which carries a nickname of "heat transfer olympic," has traditionally been a world premier conference, where scientists and engineers in the heat and mass transfer research community get together and exchange latest information every four years. the previous conferences...

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