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coolingZONE Library – where engineers and researchers go to see the latest and archived developments in thermal management.

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Low Temparature Electronic Cooling for CPU

 - roger schmidt, ph.d., ibm explains how to apply refrigeration to cooling computers and way to make the design more thermally robust. Read more »

Thermal management of telecommunications cabinets

 - renee estes, pacific bell. explores the challenges in cooling telecommunications enclosures from thermal management of electronics to issues of location, noise reduction, and more. Read more »

Thermal management of outdoor enclosures using phase change materials

 - m. j. marongiu, mjm engineering co. and r. clarksean, clarksean & associates, explains the numerical simulation of outdoor cabinets using phase change materials. Read more »

Thermal management of handheld telecommunication products

 - t. t. lee, b. chambers, and k. ramakrishna, motorola, inc. explain developments in the thermal management of mobile technology. Read more »

Thermal design of fault tolerant and high availability computer systems

 - stephen berestecky, lucent technologies, explores the thermal management of computer systems with built-in fault tolerance. Read more »

Thermal control of space electronics

 - patrick zemlianoy and charles combes, alcatel espace, noise control center and david m. yeager, motorola corp. explain the challenges inherent in thermal management of telecommunications satellites. Read more »

Thermal conductivity of composite materials

 - clemens j.m. lasance, philips research laboratories, describes the thermal conductivity of composite materials. Read more »

Thermal challenges in the telecom and networks industries

 - bonnie mack, tim venus, nortel networks, explain some of the challenges in thermal management of the telecommunication and network industries. Read more »

Ten stupid things engineers do to mess up their cooling

 - tony kordyban, tellabs, talks about some of the things that engineers do that can mess up thermal management. Read more »

Standardizing heat sink characterization for forced convection

 - christian belady, hewlett-packard company, provides a historical overview of cross-flow heat sink characterization in commercial electronics. Read more »

Specifying filters for forced convection cooling

 - alan woolfolk, mclean engineering, explores different filter designs and reviews the selection process to assist design engineers find a suitable filter. Read more »

Packaging: designing for thermal performance

 - bruce m. guenin, ph.d., amkor electronics, inc. will discuss the use of packaging for thermal management in consumer products. Read more »

How to select a heat sink

 - seri lee, aavid thermal technologies, explains how to select a heat sink that meets the required thermal performance. Read more »

How to evaluate fan life

 - sung kim and alan claassen, ibm corp., run through the equations that will explain how long a fan will remain useful. Read more »

Highly emissive ion beam textured surfaces for improved cooling of electronic devices

 - this article discusses using highly emissive ion beams to texture the surface of devices to enhance thermal management. Read more »

Heatsink attachment and thermal interface effects on production assembly and repair

 - david r. riese, lucent technologies, writes about the importance of heat sink attachment technology and thermal interface material to make production and assembly easier. Read more »

Forced convection cooling of airborne electronics

 - yannick assouad, thermal and mechanical analysis group thomson-csf radars & contre-mesures, explains the considerations that go into designing airborn electronics. Read more »

Fan selection - quick techniques to compare various tube-axial fan designs

 - this article describes techniques that can be used to compare tube-axial fan designs to determine which would be the right fit for a design. Read more »

Interaction of the system and module-level thermal phenomena- a flip-chip/BGA example

 - s. sathe and b. sammakia, ibm microelectronics, give an overview of the cooling requirements from the die to the system level using an ibm tape ball grid array (tbga) package. Read more »

Direct liquid immersion cooling for high power density microelectronics

 - robert e. simons, electronics cooling applications, describes the use of direct liquid immersion cooling for electronics to enhance heat transfer. Read more »

Design and reliability considerations in avionics electronics packaging

 - ali jamnia and robert e. walter, airtronic systems, inc., analyzes a commercial avionics electronics package that did not include mechanical or thermal concerns in the initial design phase. Read more »

Cooling electronics at high altitudes made easy

 - james edwin marthinuss jr. and george thomas hall, northrop grumman, explain that the most important step in designing for high-altitude cooling is to run through the analytical models. Read more »

Application of thermoelectric coolers for module cooling enhancement

 - robert e. simons, ibm, describes the practical applications of thermoelectric coolers for module cooling enhancement. Read more »

A system level cooling solution for cellular phone applications

 - abdolreza langari, hassan hashemi, conexant systems inc., show how to use micro heat pipes to cool pa mcms in a cell phone. Read more »

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