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coolingZONE Library – where engineers and researchers go to see the latest and archived developments in thermal management.

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Library  »  PAPERS  »  Experimental Methods

Test methods for characterizing the thermal transmission properties of phase-change thermal interface materials

 - bob rauch, power devices, inc. explores the methods for testing the thermal transmission properties of phase-change materials. Read more »

Thermal testing and control by means of built-in temperature sensors

 - v. szekely, technical university of budapest, explains a new method for measuring the thermal properties of a pcb that uses the ic chips to acquire and measure temperature data. Read more »

Temperature measurement using optical fibers

 - chuck schietinger, luxtron corp., explains how fiber optic technology can be used in temperature measurement studies. Read more »

Notes on using thermocouples

 - dr. robert j. moffat, stanford university, describes how thermocouples are made and how they are used to produce accurate temperature measurements. Read more »

Microthermal imaging in the infrared

 - john mcdonald, latigo optics and grant albright edo/barnes engineering division, explains the fundamentals of infrared physics and their application in measuring micro-circuit temperatures. Read more »

Measuring fluid velocity in electronic enclosures

 - k. azar, lucent technologies, explains how to measure fluid velocity with sensors in electronic enclosures. Read more »

Measuring chip temperatures with thermochromic liquid crystals

 - dr. kaveh azar, lucent technologies - bell laboratories, and dino j. farina, image therm engineering, inc., describe liquid crystal thermography and its application in temperature mapping studies. Read more »

Making surface temperature measurements using liquid crystal thermography

 - dino j. farino, image therm engineering, inc., explains the techniques behind surface temperature measurements using liquid crystal thermography. Read more »

The increasing importance of thermal test dies

 - marta rencz, ph.d., micred ltd., explains why thermal test dies have become increasingly important in measuring the heat transfer properties of electronics packages. Read more »

Heat transfer measurements in electronics cooling applications

 - ned r. keltner, ktech corporation, explores the challenges in heat transfer measurements in electronics cooling applications. Read more »

Experimental evaluation of the local convective heat transfer from configurations of wall-mounted cubes in a channel flow

 - e. r. meinders and k. hanjalic, delft university of technology, evaluate experimental methods for calculating the distributions of local heat transfer coefficient. Read more »

Environmental stress testing - a product improvement method

 - harry i. saraidaridis, at&t bell laboratories, describes the environmental stress method and its implementation in development and manufacturing processes. Read more »

Electrical temperature measurement using semiconductors

 - dr. john w sofia, analysis tech, explains the electrical method of junction temperature measurement. Read more »

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